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Becoming a cornerstone of creativity in the City of Fort Worth doesn't happen overnight. Jennifer Henderson (née Oliver, hence the J.O.) founded the agency in 1998. What began as a boutique graphic design firm quickly grew into a full-service marketing and PR agency. Over the past 20 years, we've quietly influenced the aesthetic of our city and championed our clients around the globe. While it's fun to reminisce and tempting to rest on our reputation, that's not who we are. We're mojo makers.

The Mojo Formula


Anything worth doing begins with "why." Intention is the recipe needed to brew work with major mojo. We mine data to uncover insight, use insight to develop strategy and lay strategy in place to allow our ideas — the perfect blend of authenticity and meaning — to flourish.


Purpose alone is powerless. It's a movie nobody sees, delicious gumbo without a spoon, fuel without an engine. We obsess over finding the right platforms, the right content and the right people to bring brands to just the right ears and eyeballs at just the right time.


Finally, mojo needs proof. Being the change is the goal, but seeing the change is what motivates us further — especially when the change is growing revenue, brand equity or sales. Like every great recipe, ours relies on visible, measurable impact. That way, our clients hear change coming before it even arrives.


With extraordinary nimbleness and an eye toward customized client service, creative and strategic solutions, J.O. tells brand stories that emotionally connect with target audiences to inspire desired actions, opinions and change. J.O. specializes in business transformation through branding and brand strategy, campaign creative and campaign strategy, exceptional graphic design and public relations.

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J.O. Agency art painting frames on carpet
"An artist who works with his hands, his head and his heart at the same time creates a masterpiece ."
Amit Kalantri / Wealth of Words
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It takes stellar people to make stellar work.

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