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Industry Update

Be on the lookout for these innovative strategies this year!   The nature of public relations and marketing communications has certainly become more of an integrated approach as of late. Since the digital revolution, departments at various companies, agencies, and firms have been working closely together to identify the most effective digital strategy for a brand to succeed. Whether it is through search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (SEM), email marketing, artificial intelligence, or the use of a more omni-channel approach, integration is at the heart of it all.   Let’s break it down. An integrated marketing communications approach encompasses elements of both public relations and advertising to optimize results for a brand. Digital technologies and platforms have tremendously shaped the ways in which...

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The Creative Bunch at J.O.

Even at a full-service creative public relations and marketing agency, most of our team members exhibit different creative strengths and perspectives. Here at J.O. we understand that no two brains think alike – and that’s an amazing thing! Diversity of thought and creative perspective are what fuel our unique work. Diversity of thought is simply a culmination of one’s life experiences that influence the ways in which they see the world. Diversity of thought bridges together the assortment of idiosyncrasies unique to each person with the common goals of the team or group. The results? Extremely remarkable and distinct work! In a professional setting, diversity of thought is encompassed by the company and its employees. Diversity of thought does not necessarily equate...

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Near Southside Story

If you’re local to Fort Worth, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Near Southside. Compiled of Magnolia Village, South MainStreet, and several other culture-rich enclaves, Fort Worth’s most creative neighborhood is booming. With craft coffee shops on every corner, Instagram-able backdrops galore and handfuls of coveted boutiques and restaurants lining the streets, it beckons residents and travelers from near and far to take a stroll and stay a while. The Near Southside experience is giving us plenty to talk about… but there’s more to it than that. The idyllic streets and lingering sense of life’s simple charm have a story to tell. One that adds even more vibrancy to the neighborhood that boasts unsurmountable innovation, creativity and passion. We’ve taken it...

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Going Pro as A SHE-E-O: 4 Tips From A Female Entrepreneur

Going Pro as A SHE-E-O: 4 Tips From A Female Entrepreneur

SHE-E-O, noun Definition, a  female entrepreneur who is changing the world.   If you read the news, you know that there is no shortage of coverage on women who are making major moves in the business world. From entrepreneurs to CEO’s, designers to speakers, those launching new women-led initiatives to those empowering a generation through podcasts- the boss-babes and the “SHE-E-O-s ” of the world have something to be proud of. Now, with 20 years of success under her belt, JO’s founder and president, Jennifer Henderson, is no exception. She is a pinnacle of art and creativity here in Fort Worth, and when we sat down to ask her how she got to where she is now, we were reminded that something truly amazing...

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