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I’ve lived in Fort Worth all but one year of my life but I’ve never seen as many amazing sights and met such interesting people until I started working at J.O.

Ryan Watts JO Intern
Ryan Watts JO Intern

My name is Ryan Watts and I am the Fall 2014 Public Relations Intern. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys experiencing moments, the guy who stops to “take it all in.” For the past year, I’ve studied marketing, focusing on social media management and digital and interactive strategy. I jumped at an opportunity to diversify my skills with public relations. I chose J.O. for their proven creative success and vast Fort Worth connections. These connections to people and places left impressions that will stay with me long after my story here is finished.


U.S. Post Office (Downtown Fort Worth, W. Lancaster)

Ryan Watts JO Intern

I can’t forget the first time I walked through the revolving doors and stared down the long lobby. I was transformed to the past. Old-fashioned mailboxes lined the walls, USPS logos from the 40s and 50s. Outside, the architecture of the building is even more magnificent. Amongst the limestone facade are classical features like columns and cornices with a few “Fort Worthian” accents mixed in. I can’t stop taking pictures of this place. I look forward to every trip to this building, as I find a new fascinating detail every time.

WFAA Studios at Victory Park

Public Relations WFAA Studios
Public Relations WFAA Studios

I was fortunate to be asked to accompany J.O.’s to the WFAA Studios to promote the upcoming production of The Sound of Music at Casa Mañana. If there is an unglamorous side to the world of TV, I couldn’t find it at WFAA. Everything from their prime location in Victory Park to their adaptive moving sound stage to their waiting room is as good as it gets. Everyone we met was friendly and made sure to stop and greet us. I will never forget standing on the sound stage watching the live taping of the Sound of Music cast members singing and being interviewed on air.

Colonial Country Club

Public Relations ColonialCC
Public Relations ColonialCC

How could I live in Fort Worth for over 20 years and never visit Fort Worth’s most famous clubhouse—I had not even seen pictures of it! It was a pleasant surprise when I rolled through one of our city’s swankiest neighborhoods, was greeted by the doorman and got a whiff of country club lifestyle. Being a recreational golfer myself, I made it a goal right then to come back one day and play a round.


Jerrod Emick

I met Jerrod, a Tony Award winner, during promotion for Casa Manana’s production of The Sound of Music. We accompanied Jerrod, who played Captain von Trapp, through two days of television spots. Jerrod’s many years in showbiz led him to share incredible stories, including riding ATVs with Jason Priestley during his 90210 hiatus. Jerrod was extremely nice and humble, and remembered the names of every single person he met—even me, the lowly intern!

Brad Ball

Brad Ball Employee
Brad Ball Employee

Brad’s company, Ardent Creative, is a frequent collaborator with J.O., in both work and office space (Ardent shares a building with J.O. at 440 S. Main). I got to know a few things about Brad that most people probably don’t know. For instance, Brad’s inspiration for the name Ardent came from a line delivered at a DcTalk concert, years before the company began. Also, Brad is an excellent artist in his spare time, and displays his artwork at Gallery 440. I’m excited to learn the next new facet about him!


While representing a client at a local golf tournament, I met Crystal, a volunteer. In between chatting with foursomes teeing off, I got to know Crystal and her passions. In addition to volunteering for Opening Doors for Women in Need, she has taken it upon herself to collect canned goods to feed the homeless. On top of that, Crystal, in her excitement and joy for the subject, shared with me her plans for her upcoming 50th birthday: to honor ten individuals that have influenced her and made a difference in her life. Wow! Crystal has a selfless heart made for serving others. I can’t wait to hear about what she does next!

My internship will end in December but I will take these impressions with me. No matter where my career in marketing may take me, you can be assured that, wherever I go, I’ll be stopping to take in every great moment. You should, too!

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