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Content marketing often feels like a never-ending project, because in many ways it is. When it comes to talking to your customers and target audience, you have to keep the conversation going which means coming up with what feels like an endless supply of ideas. We’ve talked many times in the past about search engine optimization and how it’s a powerful tool for drawing people to your website and business β€” but once you draw people in, what are you going to say? Let’s dive into some evergreen content ideas that you can always keep in your back pocket for help as plan your content marketing, social media, emails, blog posts and beyond.

Why Create Evergreen Content, Anyways?

In the world of content creation, much of what marketers create can go in one of two buckets: timely content and evergreen content. Timely, non evergreen content is content that speaks to something happening currently or in the near future. These time sensitive topics can include breaking news, holidays, cultural events/moments, data driven posts, and special events or anniversaries related to your business. This kind of quality content works well for a specific window of time and will not be as relevant to customers after that time period.

Evergreen content, however, is information that will always be relevant to your audience. From how to use your products to client testimonials, evergreen content is timeless content. Copy Blogger puts it well in explaining evergreen content as “in-depth examinations of a problem, solution, trend, or topic. They can help your audience find tons of information on a subject that interests them.”

Evergreen Content Examples: Blog Post to Social Media Marketing

One marketer that I instantly think about when talking about evergreen content is the Modern Mrs. Darcy. If you’re unaware, Anne Bogel runs a lifestyle blog for book lovers called Modern Mrs. Darcy. Multiple times a week I receive emails from her with links to evergreen articles on her website β€” 9 books about birds, 13 time travel novels, 9 nonfiction books that will make you a better friend, for example. She is a master at evergreen topics that provide a valuable piece of information for weeks, months and years to come.

As you start making a list of potential evergreen topics that you can explore, make sure you think about your every day work.

  • Why do people google topics related to your company? You can answer their questions in your evergreen content.
  • How does your company live out its core values? Find ways to write about them β€” from opportunities to give back to reasons why you love your city/neighborhod.
  • What does your company do or know really well? Take a moment to share the wealth of knowledge with basic how to’s or lessons learned.

From blog posts to social media to email marketing, there are ways to make evergreen content important and compelling, just like your breaking news, red letter days.

7 Ideas to Get Started Creating Evergreen Content

On days when you’re facing writer’s block, use this list of evergreen content ideas to help you make your own evergreen content. Not everyone will connect to every evergreen topic, and that’s ok! These ideas are meant to inspire content that can work long term as people seek out your company.

1. How To Guides

Writing how to guides is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and position your business as an asset to others. Don’t overlook the most basic parts of your work when it comes to creating how to’s β€” those are usually the best topics to start with. For example, as a marketing agency, we could write how to’s like how to create a social media calendar, how to write interesting descriptions of product or service features, how to advertise a training course or how to beat writer’s block.

What are the topics related to your work that people most often google? Start there and build your how to list.

How to's are a great example of evergreen content topics. For example, a travel influencer,  how to book dream hotels on credit card points.

2. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

This evergreen topic can kill two birds with one stone! Creating a place where your most frequently asked questions are answered not only creates more content, but gives you a place to send people when they ask such questions. It’s a great resource to offer, no matter what.

And if you have trouble coming up with a list of questions, ask your team. It’s likely they have a great idea of what people most often ask.

3. Free Tools

As an expert in your field, there has to be a number of free tools you’ve discovered through the years. Assembling a list of such tools along with their service features will not only be helpful to others, but likely be very SEO friendly. As you write, mention how you use these tools (or similar paid tools) to accomplish your work and in the process show how knowledgable you are.

4. Recommendations/Favorites List

Another great avenue for evergreen content is lists of your recommendations and/or favorites. As an expert in your field, you’re bound to have informed opinions on the best places to go for industry advice and/or inspiration. You could gather great recommendations for everything from where to go when inspiration has dried up to websites that provide helpful information for your industry.

Also think about your location β€” if you’ve made your neighborhood or your city a part of your brand, you could make favorites lists of anything from the best festivals/events in the city to the best patios. Remember, this is an evergreen topic which means it can be a little less specific about you and your company’s work. Have some fun with it!

5. Personal Experience and History

As Nora Ephron famously said, “everything is copy.” Your personal experiences (as you started your business, grew it, launched into new areas of growth, etc.), the practical strategies you’ve learned (often the hard way), your own failures and what you now know as a leader in your field β€” those are all evergreen topics you can use to create content. People love stories and they love learning from others, so look at your own experiences when you’re needing ideas for a million blog posts.

Use lessons from your own experiences as a jumping off point for evergreen topics. Wisdom is timeless.

6. Seasonal Blogs

When it comes to a seasonal blog post, think about the life of your business during the holidays, in the summer, in the dead of winter and in the rush of back to school β€” are there any ways to tie the life of your organization to annual events? These evergreen posts work well because they follow seasonal google trends and are likely to be topic ideas that people search again and again.

Tying aspects of your business to general seasons is a great way to reach a broader audience with evergreen content topics.

7. Complete Glossary of Industry Terms

A glossary is among the useful resources that can also be extremely SEO friendly. You can probably start your list of terms off the top of your heard. For example, if we were making a glossary of marketing terms, we could start with ROI, call to action, conversion rate, bounce rate, lead and buyer persona. With a little keyword research you can expand that list to figure out what terms people are putting into Google searches that are related to your line of work.

Glossarys are easy evergreen content because you can piece them out five or 10 words at a time. Additionally, they’re full of SEO terms and useful information that people are likely to already be searching for.

Extra Tip: Link Building

Quality evergreen content will include some link building. It will take just a few extra minutes and make a remarkable impact. Remember, this piece of content will live on your website for a long time, so make it worth your while and include links to other valuable pages on your website so people continue clicking and spending more time with your brand.

Looking for more examples of evergreen content? We loved reading this article and this one too.

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