9 Tips For Surviving Your Agency Internship
December 13, 2017

9 Tips For Surviving Your Agency Internship

Having been with this creative ad agency as the public relations intern for seven months, I feel pretty familiar with the rundown. I've even picked up some handy tips and tricks for everyday survival at an agency internship. (We interns have to look out for each other!)

My Role As an Intern

At J.O., I primarily assist the two public relations account executives and the social media coordinator; however, I am also occasionally tasked with projects from other creative team members. I came eager and ready to learn anything I could get my hands on, so I appreciate the variety of work they've entrusted me with—tasks like conducting research, writing blogs and social media content and assisting with marketing ideas, campaigns and/or events. I also learned how to pitch to media, create media press clips and use different types of platforms common in this industry. Aside from my work in the office, I had the opportunity to experience exciting events, such as promotional ones for J.O.'s clients and a PRSA award ceremony dinner for local agencies in Fort Worth.

What I've Learned

As a whole, interning for this agency has helped me improve my writing and research skills, my work ethic and my interpersonal communication skills. I am so grateful for all of these learning opportunities I was given throughout my time with J.O. Although I have learned a vast amount from my classes at TCU, having an off-campus internship was a remarkable decision, because it gave me the real-world experience I need before graduation.

Here are a few #agencylife tips I picked up that I hope might be helpful to future interns.

1. When you're an intern, be ready to get handed just about any type of assignment needed from anyone. Also, don't be scared to ask them how else you can help.

Katniss Volunteering

2. When someone asks you to do an assignment, always say "yes" and try your best to figure it out. If the power of Google and all else fail, it's okay to ask questions.

What is this?

3. Take advantage of (free) office coffee to get those creative juices flowing. When it's empty, be a hero and fill it back up—everyone in the office needs a little pick me up (especially with as much coffee is consumed at J.O.)!

Someone getting coffee- hug in a cup

4. Check, double check, triple check your grammar on any writing assignment given to you before sending it out.

Ross from friends

5. When asked to attend any type of event with your coworkers—whether it be a fun, promotional event thrown for clients, or maybe a PRSA luncheon DON'T turn it down!

Michelle from full house running

6. Networking in the professional world is always important to develop those strong relationships. Especially in PR, it's valuable to know different media contacts in the industry. So, don't miss an opportunity to introduce yourself and expand your network.

Woman talking on phone- I'm networking

7. Be ready to learn many different skills and applications that may sound foreign to you at first. But, don't get discouraged—learn the ropes quickly!

Girl asking question

8. If you need some professional inspo during your day at work (and have a little free time), check out HubSpots blog. You'll find all types of worthy reads on marketing, sales, PR, career advice, etc.

Chelsea Handler talking- I'm learning

9. If you're debating whether or not you should intern before graduating, just remember there's no better way to get insight into what the real, working world is like.

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During my internship at J.O., I have gained invaluable experiences and skills I otherwise wouldn't have if I had passed up this incredible opportunity. It's safe to say my experience here has made an impact on my personal life and, of course, my professional career. My accomplishments at J.O. are something I am proud of and will take with me from here on out.

Brittany Velez
Strategic Communication Major at Texas Christian University
Graduating May 2018