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Is Your Job Stimulating And Fulfilling? How About The Spaces Around You? Check Out The Company Culture At J.O. And Why Promoting Positive Company Culture Has The Biggest ROI.

Determining Your Company Culture

We’ve all had that job, you know, the one where you’re physically present but not super thrilled to be there? That’s life; we all experience it at one point. But what if we told you that by finding the right work environment and company culture to be a part of, you’d never experience those displeasing emotions again? Believe us?

So, what exactly is company or organizational culture and why is it important? Well, a company’s culture is the identity and personality that is exhibited by the members of that particular organization. This is often revealed through the atmosphere or climate of the office. The communication between employees and structural hierarchy and the alignment between company and personal values are also great factors.

As of late, promoting positive company or corporate culture has been a hot topic due to an increase in toxic work environments being uncovered, which have negatively impacted employees not only in their work productivity, but also their mental and physical health.

According to a 2018 article in Forbes magazine, toxic cultures are often embodied by employees who report feelings of anxiety, have a lack of motivation, and who experience constant dissatisfaction while on the job. Under appreciation and disengagement were also identified as top indicators of toxic work environments.

It is important to understand the types of organizational cultures that are out there and what culture you may be a part of. Typically, companies are described as one of four company cultures—clan, adhocracy, market, or hierarchy. A clan company culture is described as friendly and collaborative in nature. Adhocracy cultures are focused on innovation and change. Market cultures are results-driven and highly competitive, while hierarchy cultures are strict on process and procedure.

Our Culture at J.O.

Here at J.O. we take pride in ensuring that our company culture is purposeful, authentic, creative, and advantageous to each member – the true J.O. experience! J.O.’s founder and president, Jennifer Henderson, believes that, “Our ‘product’ is our people. Ideas and client service are our currency. Regarding sharing innovative examples of our ‘people culture,’ we would argue that going The Extra Mile in all forms of innovative customer service happens because we love what we do and where we work. Why? Because we have found that we have to be happy and comfortable in our environment.”

Surely enough, our team members (not employees … we’re a team) feel the same way about J.O.’s company culture. Debbi Morris, J.O.’s administrative assistant states, “Professional Pizzazz. This is our ability to produce effective quality output for clients generated from intelligent team-based input in a laughter-friendly environment.”

Why do we care about happiness on the job? Well, for starters, we’re all human and want to feel loved and appreciated for what we do. So why choose a company or organization that doesn’t value you? Second, productivity is linked to engagement and passion. What better way to produce quality work than to be fully invested in the process?

Is this sounding like a fairy tale to you? We can assure you it’s not!

At J.O. we always promote positive company culture, and another unique way that we foster that environment is by uplifting our workspace with creative elements!

Dull. Boring. Sad. These are probably not the words you want to be using when asked how to describe your work or office space. How about vibrant, enlightening, and dynamic? Now that sounds a lot better!

Crafting the Culture You Desire

Our highly creative and artistic president, Jennifer Henderson has elevated our one-of-a-kind workspace. Originally built in 1926, the building’s history and craftsmanship has been restored by Jennifer’s creative flair and ability to strategically combined traditional and modern elements. J.O. is filled with bold color combinations, exposed brick, statement pieces, and a mid century contemporary art collection like no other.

Many companies, agencies, and organizations understand the impact that effective use and decoration of space has on productivity. Now, this doesn’t mean that every office space needs beanbag chairs and a coffee bar to be productive—although they may aid the process. Rather, it means identifying the most beneficial workspace and environment for your brand or company. The unique qualities of your brand should align with the unique elements of your space.

Jennifer claims that walking into your office every morning should be stimulating to all senses. “I work hard at changing our art on the walls on a quarterly basis, cleansing the air with air fresheners, and making sure everyone has adequate lighting. All these things really do seem small, but it’s about thriving in the creative space in which you work.”

That’s our company culture in a nutshell, and we could not be more proud!

Tanya Lariviere
Agency and Gallery Intern

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