In-House SEO strategy or SEO Agency: What’s Better 4 Building
Your SEO Strategy?


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With 84% of purchase journeys beginning with an internet search these days, SEO has never been more important for your business. SEO has become a critical component of being found on the internet by prospective customers through search engine algorithms from Google, Bing and more. We’ve written a beginner’s guide to the power of SEO for your public relations strategy before (and you can find it right here), but in this article we’ll be discussing how to know whether you need to hire an SEO company for help or make someone on your own team the in-house SEO strategy specialist.

To bring in new customers, your business needs to begin building your SEO strategy.

First Things First: What is SEO?

You can read a longer, more detailed explanation of the many variations of SEO here, but we’ll talk about the basic nows.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a central way of connecting with business prospects by making your website more visible within search engines like Google. The goal being: the more visible your website is, the more people will click on links to visit your website, learn about your company and become a customer.

The goal of your SEO work, whether through a singular SEO specialist or SEO team, is high visibility for your brand and business.

Second Things Second: What’s Involved With SEO?

There are a number of SEO tasks that you can use for your business’s SEO marketing efforts. For example, link building (also known as technical SEO) is a process of getting other reputable websites to link to your website. Good client reviews are another example of what can be involved in your SEO strategy and online visibility.

However, possibly the most well-known piece of the SEO pie is using relevant keywords in ads and on your website. The blog, for example, is doing that work right now. This is an SEO-optimized blog with significant use of keywords, links and words.

The important question then becomes: How do I incorporate keywords, quality backlinks and good reviews to build an SEO strategy with impact? You’ll either need an in-house SEO professional or an SEO digital marketing agency to take the lead.

What An Entire SEO Team Brings

Believe it or not, there are entire SEO agencies where all they do is deploy various SEO tools and strategies for their clients. Not all SEO agencies are the same, so it’s important to make sure the SEO agency pros you choose match up with your needs. Here’s what you can expect from the average team of SEO specialists:

  • They’ll bring industry knowledge to every conversation.
  • An agency provides comprehensive SEO services, including day-to-day SEO tasks.
  • It’s their job to follow the ever-changing SEO landscape so you continue to show up in relevant searches, no matter the changes in algorithms and rankings.
  • They can explain SEO to your team and even train someone to work alongside them as your in-house SEO expert or liaison.
  • They’ll provide regular updates on the success of your SEO strategies and help provide results.Hiring a reliable SEO agency can do a lot of good for your digital marketing.

Basically, an SEO expert team can do all the SEO work for you, but it will come at a cost: literally for what you’re paying them as well as your team not gaining any of the SEO knowledge to carry forward for your business.

Is there any training to become an SEO specialist?

There are a number of SEO courses that can be taken online. Backlinko has an entire blog post on how to come an SEO expert that you can read here. In addition, HubSpot Academy has an SEO training available here — and it’s free!

The Benefits of Using An Internal SEO Team

Now let’s talk about why it may be beneficial to make someone or a handful of people on your team the in-house SEO experts.

  • First, you don’t have to go anywhere to find this team of people. By definition, an in-house SEO team would be employees already on your payroll.
  • If training is needed, there are a number of resources available online (see above) that someone on your team can use to become an in-house SEO expert. There’s a lot available online, if the individual(s) have time to learn and explore them.
  • Using an in-house team can mean a focused team dedicated to your company — and your company alone. In-house teams will allow you to focus as much time and energy on SEO as you like. An SEO agency will likely be working for multiple clients and may not always be able to jump to your needs. An in-house team wouldn’t face the same issues.
  • An in-house team will naturally know more about your business — they already speak the language of your business, know its values and understand its goals and customers. This can make the work of reaching out to potential new customers through SEO easier.
  • In-house SEOS could be your in-house marketers, or it could lead to an in-house office collaboration between departments.

Option C: A Mash-Up of SEO Services

It might come down to asking what’s most cost effective for you and your business. Can you allocate the funds for dedicated industry knowledge or can you provide the time needed for an in-house SEO team to learn what they need to know? You’re choosing between a significant investment of money or time.

However, there’s another option to consider: Leaning on the industry knowledge of an SEO company and then largely carrying out SEO duties through someone on your own team. It’s very likely that an SEO agency will let you hire them to consult on your SEO needs and how you can improve your SEO rankings.

This way, people on your own team will, in time, become SEO professionals themselves. In-house SEO teams backed by an SEO agency might be the most potent way to climb the Google rankings after all!

A Few Things to Consider For Building Your SEO Strategy

  • What are your business goals?
  • Do you understand how SEO specifically can help achieve your goals as a business owner?
  • Is there someone within your current team that can take up SEO duties? Or should you start looking for someone in your current internal hiring process?
  • Can you afford to go through the costly hiring process of an SEO agency?

As you think through these questions, remember that J.O.’s in-house team has learned a lot about SEO as we’ve weaved it into our work for clients and J.O. Agency itself. We’re here to help!

Let’s Up Your Business’s SEO Marketing Efforts

Effective search engine optimization is a learning process that the J.O. Agency team is ready to help you understand. We can not only guide you to what’s best for your business, but also propel you towards future growth.

The entire team at J.O. is ready to help you with SEO work and beyond.

We’re a full-service agency of industry professionals that handle everything from social media marketing to branding, public relations and more. Contact our team here on our website or call us at 817-335-0100 to talk about working together.

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