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Question 1: Who doesn’t love a cat video?

I think Buzzfeed has proven that EVERYONE loves to watch ANYTHING about adorable kitty cats.

Question 2: Who doesn’t love a good party?

With the exception of those notorious party poopers, everyone loves to party.

Question 3: Have you seen our cat video-slash-party invite?

More importantly, did you LIKE our video-slash-party invite?

The Oatmeal has partnered with two geniuses to create a hilarious card came about kittens and the various ways they can explode. Being the evil geniuses that they are, they’ve built anticipation for their game with a social media contest. They will award the winner (hopefully us) by letting them be the Kitten Consulate. That person (again…we want it to be us) will host a party and be given a play test deck of cards. Then we invite all of our friends (you), play the game and have the best night of our lives.

This all hinges on you, our beloved friends, cat lovers and partygoers. You have to watch the video, laugh hysterically and then LIKE the video on our YouTube page. If you only have time for one of those tasks, please LIKE the video. Oh, and you must like it before midnight. TONIGHT.

Here’s our crazy cat video.

Now, let’s party!

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