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Even at a full-service creative public relations and marketing agency, most of our team members exhibit different creative strengths. Here at J.O. we understand that no two brains think alike—and that’s an amazing thing! Before we tell you about our creative bunch, it is important to understand how each other think. Diversity of thought and creative perspective are what fuel our unique work.

The concept of diversity of thought is simply a culmination of one’s life experiences that influence the ways in which they see the world. It bridges together the assortment of idiosyncrasies unique to each person with the common goals of the team or group. The results? Extremely remarkable and distinct work!

In a professional setting, diversity of thought is encompassed by the company and its employees. Diversity of thought does not necessarily equate with racial diversity (although it can); however, its goal is to embrace the variety of outlooks people share on certain topics based on how they frame the situation.

Framing is the process of how individuals see, interpret, and communicate about various concepts or topics. Originally rooted in framing theory from mass communication studies and social sciences, framing describes how people process and perceive things in their own unique way. No doubt, there is inherent power when combining different creative strengths together.

Our team decided to take an online Creative Type test from Adobe to dig up our greatest creative strengths as well as help us work better with each other. Check out our team’s results and how we’ve been using these results to generate top-quality work for all of our clients!

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things” – Mother Teresa.


The Visionary – “Imagining the Impossible”
Creative strengths include being full of big ideas and having the ability to see potential everywhere. The Visionary is driven to push the limit of everything and they are passionate, charismatic, and expressive. The Visionary has a big spirit.

The Adventurer – “So much inspiration, so little time”
Creative strengths include high levels of creative energy and spirit of curiosity and play. The Adventurer is passionate, expressive, and has a multi-talented creative spirit. They have a natural ability to entertain and inspire. The Adventurer is a natural storyteller.

The Thinker – “Deep thoughts, big questions”
Creative strengths include intellectual curiosity and the ability to find and create meaning. They experience the world as an endless opportunity to learn and discover. The Thinker has a sense of wonder and depth of perception.

The Dreamer – “The power of imagination unleashed”
Creative strengths include connection to the emotions and imagination, as well as empathy and sensitivity. They are deeply intuitive and often see metaphors and hidden meanings in the world. The Dreamer loves to let their mind roam free.

The Producer – “Process is power” Creative strengths include strong leadership skills and the ability to make things happen. They are people-oriented and are grounded by a “get it done” attitude. The Producer feels great pride and satisfaction from their ability to implement ideas.

Our Creative Bunch:

Jennifer – Founder and President: The Visionary – “Imagining the Impossible”

Debbi – Office Manager: The Thinker – “Deep thoughts, big questions”

Dana – Senior Strategist: The Thinker – “Deep thoughts, big questions”

Kenny – Art Director: The Visionary – “Imagining the Impossible”

Ashley – Graphic Design Intern: The Dreamer – “The power of imagination unleashed”

Maddie Sanders – Marketing Intern: The Visionary &ndash “Imagining the Impossible.”

Tanya – Agency Intern: Producer – “Process is power”

Maddie Zimmermann – Agency Intern: The Visionary – ” imagining the Impossible”

J.O. President, Jennifer Henderson, knows that it takes all kinds of people to make things work. “What is one person’s weakness could be another person’s bread and butter. I always make sure we tap into each other’s personalities through testing. It’s important to know what makes each person tick in order to have a strong, cohesive team.”

Regardless of what industry you’re in, all teams should focus on each member’s strengths and what they can contribute to the entire group. It is important to understand your own creative type, but it’s just as important if not more important to better understand the creative types of your co-workers. Understanding their types can enhance project efficiency since you will know how your co-workers both function and manage the creative process.

Are you curious about your creative type too? Discover where your imagination lies by taking the Creative Types test by Adobe here:

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