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Do you feel like your content is just a drop of water in a sea of social media posts? When you start your business social media account, it can be difficult to find a platform among the sea of other business entities.

This is because your business needs to find the RIGHT audience to convey an interesting, unique value proposition. Throughout this blog, you’ll find four easy steps to improve your brand’s social media presence and engagement rate.

At J.O., we make sure a client’s overall social media presence promotes their product or service in an interesting way. We want to help YOUR business create engaging content in a proactive manner.

Step 1: What Is Your Purpose On Social Media Platforms?

Before you begin posting, you must first know exactly WHAT you are trying to convey to your specific audience and HOW you will achieve this. Think to yourself and your marketing team: What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to raise awareness for a nonprofit? Advertise a product? Educate individuals on an important issue? You have to know your purpose and goals before you can begin to engage customers in an efficient and effective manner.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and determine what they need to know about your business, the product/service you provide, how it is relevant to their life, and your specific audience’s habits. Once you have asked these questions, you are one step closer to understanding your target audience.

Step 2: Determine How To Best Reach Your Target Audiences

In this step of finding your social media success, you need to focus on WHO you are trying to attract. Although it can be tempting to dive right into creating videos, images, and content for your business, you need to first finetune who you are trying to attract!

Are you targeting white-collar workers? Stay-at-home moms? College students?

Identifying who you are targeting will help you better determine where and when to reach them. After considering WHO your audience is, consider which social media channels align with their interests.

Social Media Channels to Consider:


Originally started as a social network to showcase images, Instagram has transformed into an app that is multi-faceted. Users can find content that aligns with their interests by searching hashtags or by searching their discovery page for the latest trends. Another important factor of Instagram is the prevalence of influencer marketing.

The network also has two newer features: Reels and Shops. Reels allows content users to upload 15-second or shorter videos. Shops allows users to purchase products directly on Instagram.


Throughout the last 16 years, Facebook has evolved its engaging content. Most of Facebook’s content consumption occurs in the News Feed, which displays posts from friends and advertisements. Company profiles have the opportunity to have multiple Facebook pages. Additionally, users can “Like” a company page and sign up to receive content from that page on their News Feed.


LinkedIn is intended for people to find jobs and expand their professional networks. This social media platform makes a great platform for businesses to advertise to industry professionals and create job inquiries.


Twitter is designed to bring people together through a message board. Most importantly, Twitter’s tweets are limited to 280 characters. This means that businesses must develop short copy to post.


YouTube, although a form of social media, is considered the “least” social. YouTube is not intended to be a platform where the company and users have video conversations. YouTube has a more informational purpose. There are two types of accounts: personal and brand. A company can set up a brand account, which enables multiple people to log into the account


On Pinterest, social media posts are mostly visual. This means that users can process the pictures very quickly. Businesses who utilize Pinterest need to understand that most of the content provides some type of useful information. From a recipe, to a DIY project, to a workout plan, a majority of pins offer insights and expertise.


TikTok has rapidly grown in popularity the last couple years. Although it may be tempting for your business to start posting on social media’s most popular app, you need to ensure this platform is the right fit for you. TikTok videos tend to be very short and fast-paced, with a funny or relevant caption. TikTok relies heavily on content algorithms that determine what types of content best align with the user’s interests.

Overall, all social platforms have different purposes, so it is important you are using the correct social media platforms. If your audience is digitally savvy, it may be advantageous to promote your product or service on newer social networks like TikTok and Instagram. More so, one type of content does not fit all social channels. You need to tailor the length, the tone, and the strategy to each social platform in a unique way.

Step 3: Develop A Social Media Strategy

Now that you understand what message you need to convey to your audience, how will you accomplish this? How will you curate content that is engaging to your consumers?

Your Posts Need to Be Easily Identifiable

You can do this by developing a distinctive brand voice. Create content that aligns with your business’s color scheme and brand identity.

Post Consistently

Social platforms reward accounts that follow a consistent posting schedule. Determine how often you will post on your social media accounts, what days throughout the week, and what time.

To determine the timing of your posts, consider your target audience’s habits. Are you targeting workers? Stay-at-home moms? College students? Identifying who you are targeting will help you better determine when to reach them.

You Need to Create Visual Content

Your platform is more likely to have an engaged audience when you showcase relevant and interesting images and videos. Social media content needs to have personalization and touches of humanity. The right content connects with your social media audience on an intrinsic level.

Step #4: Engage Your Followers & Experience Social Media Audience Growth

Social media followers do not want to support businesses that do not care about them. You want to make sure you are just as loyal to your followers as they are to you. Interact with your current followers through comments, story features, giveaways, prizes, campaigns, and more.

Great engagement comes from interesting content that has importance, relevancy, and urgency. It is impossible to build loyal followers if your content does not have passion and a sense of importance. Businesses attract new followers by marketing their product or service as necessary, relevant, and fun.

Your target audience should be eager to see the content you are creating and WANT to visit your social media channel for news, upcoming events, and current information about your business. Social media is all about curating attractive and dynamic content.J.O. Agency will help you determine your purpose on social media and the right channels to be on, develop your social media strategy, and help you engage your followers.

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About the Blog Author CLAIRE MARIE PAPAC.
About the Blog Author CLAIRE MARIE PAPAC.

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