The Enneagram in
the Workplace


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What’s Your Business Enneagram?

If J.O.’s company culture were a person, it could definitely be defined as an Enneagram three. Here’s why knowing where you fall on the Enneagram test is a major key to success in business.

The Enneagram personality test has recently become the new craze among our office at J.O. This forty-question assessment has an individual rate themselves on a variety of character traits. From there it places you within a number category ranging from one to nine. Each category has its sub categories and wings, which showcase different personality traits, quirks, strengths, weaknesses and areas for growth and development.

J.O.’s Company Culture= Enneagram Three

Although everyone here at J.O. tested as a variety of numbers, we decided the type that best encompasses who we are as a company is an Enneagram type three. A type three is differentiated by their overwhelming need to succeed and achieve a desired goal. They are success-oriented, adaptable, driven, motivated and image-conscious. They conduct themselves in a poised and self-assured manner, which in turn allows them to draw others in and make them feel comfortable. Threes have the ability to take their energy with them wherever they go. They are natural leaders and are constantly trying to push themselves and others to grow and leave the world a little better than when they found it.

These character traits are most visible in the way that J.O. interacts with their clients. We are looking for every client to grow and find success. We pride ourselves on adapting with their changing needs and being innovative when helping to solve their marketing problems. Being an energetic bunch, we feed off of each other and do not quit until a job is completed.

The Enneagram in the Workplace

Knowing your Enneagram number can be a key tool in finding career success. The distinct element of the test, that similar personality tests seem to be lacking, is its ability to highlight the shortcomings and character flaws of every type. It attempts to provide background information and answers as to why people might act the way that they do. This full analysis enables individuals to improve in various areas within their personal and professional lives.

Using the enneagram, you can identify:

1. Self Growth & Awareness- Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is an important part of career development.

2. Communication with others- Whether its discussing work with someone from your office or meeting with a client, communicating with others is an integral part of any career.

3. Creative Development- Appreciate each individual’s unique way of thinking and build upon each other’s ideas because each person has something to contribute due to their unique perspective

Everyone has a different Enneagram number. Even if you have a similar type as someone else, everyone embodies their number in different and unique way. Knowing others’ numbers allows us to appreciate their ideas that may be different than our own.

J.O.’s president, Jennifer Henderson has more to say about the J.O. Enneagram. “I’ve always believed in the power of personality and strengths testing for teams. It teaches you how to best communicate with one another as well as how to best pull out the talents each individual holds within them. If our company culture best resembles an Enneagram 3, then J.O. is best defined as the people who work here—smart, driven and on their way to make great things happen for our clients. The Enneagram has spoken!”

Link to Eclectic Energies Enneagram Test here.

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