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No matter the size of the company, everyone has questions about marketing. Whether it is “Where to begin” or “What to expect?” J.O. is here to help answer some common questions companies encounter when taking on marketing.

How can I get more customers?


Outreach is a great way to gain more customers. Being thoughtful and specific when discovering your target audience is important because determining your target audience will affect how you reach them. It takes a different set of tactics and approaches to appeal to young mothers than it does to men in their 70s. Having your strategies fine-tuned will ensure that you reach your target.


Everyone loves rewards; use incentives to gain interaction. Whether it’s a coupon with purchase, a free item on a holiday, or even a loyalty program to promote a relationship between the customer and your brand, these tools will increase customer satisfaction and improve your business’ reputation.

Digital Presence

First impressions are everything. In a world that is increasingly digital, the majority of your first impression will come from an interaction with your social media and website. Keep both platforms simple, sleek, and informative.


Partnering with like-minded businesses is a common and rewarding tactic. Advertising giveaways and bonds between companies is a win-win for both parties. One advantage comes from the combined audience so it is important to partner with someone who has the same target audience. This can help bring brand awareness across different platforms, as well.


Online ratings are important. You can even add incentives for your customers to rate you. Ratings add validation to your brand. By having the positive customer feedback published for potential customers, you are more likely to receive new business.

How long until my actions yield results?

First and foremost, do not set unrealistic goals. Company size and market play a huge role when it comes to results. Your goals should be reflected by your company’s statistics. Once you have a good understanding of your brand, set SMART goals to ensure that you are not setting your team up for failure.

Results will not come overnight. Depending on your campaign, results could appear months to years later. Patience and persistence in your strategies plus learning for campaign failures, will make victories even sweeter.

Where can I improve my communication?

Whether through a screen or in person, every business can improve their communication. Communication can take a conscious effort but it boils down to being empathetic and listening to your audience. Consumer only care about the wealth of knowledge you possess if you make them feel heard and cared for. It is important to make sure your messaging is emotionally engaging; this will not only help humanize your brand but make building relationships easy.

How do I get my customers to engage?

Trends appeal to audiences. Staying relevant and up to date with what your followers are talking about is a sure way to get them to participate in conversation. Trends are known the elicit engagement and likes, which ultimately boosts your presence in the social realm by helping your company’s algorithm.

Where do I start?

Social media is the easiest and cheapest platform to start marketing on. Many social platforms have the ability to determine a target market and specifics through their Ad Centers. Additionally, they have options to set goals based off of reach, engagement, and clicks. These are great resources to dip your toes into the marketing world.

Make a plan! Similar to setting goals, creating a plan for content in a must. For social media, Sprout Social and Robly are great platforms to help you plan and visualize future posts. Using a similar method for campaigns is a great way to stay consistent with your brand image.

How important are analytics?

Analytics show you if your marketing plan is successful. You must keep a close eye to see if slight changes impact analytics. Analytics also help minimize money waste and keep your platforms performing at its best.

When should I hire a marketing firm?

Marketing is a big undertaking to do without help. Call a marketing firm when you are overwhelmed or unable to complete your job because you are too consumed with boosting your brand. It is also a good time to call when you are struggling to grow and get your company on the map.

Though we might not have all the answers, we hope that this has given you some insight into the marketing world. We strive to help businesses achieve their goals and improve their overall brand. If there are questions that you still need help answering, give us a call at 817.335.0100!

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