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It’s time to talk about how different generations contribute to agency life. Without a collaborative company culture, both creativity and productivity can lack, causing burnout to creep up on employees. Though there is nothing more stressful than an office full of uninspired employees, we’re here to help you capitalize on your team’s strengths and implement a culture of enthusiasm – or as we like to call it, mojo!

One factor in your team’s chemistry could be generational differences. Despite the missed movie quotes or TV show references, having employees that range in both experience and knowledge help your team stay well-rounded. From the nuggets of wisdom and learned lessons of the seasoned professionals who keep the office running smoothly, to the big ideas and innovative approaches of those who are new to the industry, everyone contributes to keeping the team informed on the latest strategies and tactics.

Here at J.O., we have staff from almost every generation, including Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and even Generation Z (thanks to our interns). With these generational differences comes different work styles, perspectives and thinking processes. While this could make an agency struggle to collaborate, we celebrate our differences and use them to produce strong marketing campaigns. It is important to recognize what each generation brings to the table and how those strengths can be used to help any company thrive.

Baby Boomers (1946-1964)

These individuals are oozing with knowledge. Having been in the industry a while, they have seen it all and know what works. The more years of experience an individual has, the deeper the wealth of knowledge they’ve accumulated. No matter the industry, having baby boomers on your team is a huge asset for strategizing and building credibility. Whether it’s pitching to a client or advising a new marketing plan with strategies that are tried and true, they offer insight that can’t be taught but only found in experience.

Generation X (1965-1980)

This generation paves the way in independence. These individuals are self-motivated and hard working. They are passionate about what they do and consistent in both their work ethic and level of excellence. Those in Generation X also provide credible insight from their experience and are important assets to keep businesses running efficiently.

Millennials (1981-1996)

Millennials witnessed the beginning of technology in the workplace and use their knowledge to transform not only the way things are done but help their teams do the same. They are innovative and accommodating. They welcome change and challenge the “do it the way we always have” mentality while still respecting upper leadership. Millennials who have leadership roles tend to welcome new ideas and promote nonconventional work environments.

Generation Z (1997-2012)

Finally, Gen Z’s strengths include energy, youthfulness and enthusiasm. They remind employers to be creative and bring fresh ideas back into the office. While most Gen Zers have not entered the work force, those who have a tendency to work well with Millennials and are great assets for social media marketing.

At our agency, our shared passion for creativity, marketing solutions and providing the best full–service experience possible is what brings us together. We encourage you to do the same: find out what makes your employees passionate and use it to bring everyone together, no matter the generation. This will help you not only capitalize on your employee’s strengths, but have specialists that can reach each generation when marketing.

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