5 Essential Tips for Growing Your Small Business
Visibility This Year


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As we settle into 2024, we all have goals for where we want to take our businesses in the next year and beyond. As you consider where and how to invest your time, attention, and dollars, use these tips to spur your imagination of how you can grow your small business visibility this year. After 25 years of working with small businesses and large companies, J.O. Agency has a knack for how to increase visibility for a brand.

The following are all super multi-faceted steps, but this overview can be used as an outline for where and how to start looking at both your local visibility and online visibility. These are some essential points we’d start with if our team sat down with you today.

From search engine optimization to reshaping your content marketing, there are a number of ways a small business owner can nurture their small business visibility.

1. Do an analysis of your local business.

It’s important to start with a clear view of who you are as a business, where you currently are, and where you want to go. Consider working through the following questions with your team.

  • What are your goals?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What opportunities exist with gaining visibility for your business online and otherwise?

You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t stop to ask themselves these questions on a regular basis. We believe it’s important so you can continue to understand where the business is and how to plan for where you want to go.

An easy way to get started? Google your business and see what comes up—this will give you an idea of your current SEO situation as well as how easy it is for people to find your business. We’ve written more about making a marketing assessment and game plan here if you’d like to continue down this road of reflecting on your business and growth priorities.

2. When budgets are tight, social is your best friend.

There is a reason (okay, definitely more than one) why social media has forever changed marketing: It’s incredibly affordable for a brand to start social media profiles and run social media pages. Now, to nurture that social media presence is another thing—that takes consistency and creativity with social posts as well as a willingness to continue to shift with algorithms while also balancing an authenticity that’s unique to you and your company.

If you’re launching into social media today, Facebook and Instagram as the easiest social platforms for a business. Other social media that people don’t tend to think about as much include neighborhood apps like (Nextdoor is a very popular one). These provide a place to introduce yourself and build a presence. Community groups on Facebook are also a great place to do this kind of connecting.

Don’t Forget This Platform That Adds Credibility

One platform that many businesses forget about is a Google My Business page. If your small business doesn’t have a Google My Business page, you can start setting one up here. Nursing this kind of social profile is incredibly useful because when people google your business, they’ll find incredibly useful information like your business hours, ways to contact you, your products, the social platforms you’re on, good reviews, and recent posts from you. Google rewards businesses that post at least a weekly update. As you can see below, J.O. has a GMB page that we tend to regularly and use to share news and updates.

Google "J.O. Agency" and you'll find our Google My Business page—we recommend it for digital marketing and building your online identity.

3. Focus on video content marketing.

When it comes to making content for your website, social media, and more—make sure that videos play a key role. These days, thanks to the algorithms of social platforms, video content always reaches more of your target audience. It’s prioritized over photos with captions, so to make a positive impact with new customers, think of how to incorporate video in your content marketing.

To learn more about why video content is important, you can read on here and see how we used video marketing with a client, Graham Hart Home Builder right here.

4. Figure out your content strategy for your business page (s).

Creating content for your Google account and various social media platforms can feel overwhelming at first — where to start?! — but it gets a lot easier when you pick a few buckets of regular content to pull from. For example, the J.O. team has buckets that cover the following topics:

  • Project snippets (a look behind the scenes on what we’re currently working on)
  • A recent blog post or news from our industry
  • A client feature – we love bragging on our clients and their successes!
  • Accolades, like our recent wins at the Worthy Awards
  • Culture and community — sharing about our office/team culture and our neighborhood (we love Fort Worth’s Near Southside!) — helps people get to know us.
  • Observance of holidays and special days for our team

Not all these buckets may be right for your business, but it certainly helps us when we sit down to create content. We can look at our buckets and find something to pull from one of the six topics to share.

Sharing about your team is one way you can help potential customers get to know you on socail platforms.

A few more tips for managing your relevant content strategy:

  • Batch your content — make a week or two of content at a time — and then schedule it. Most platforms have a way to preschedule the content do you’re not having to do it in the moment.
  • Consider regular posts like 1. Who we are and staff highlights; 2. What we do (what our services are) and why we love it; 3. Things we love about our community and customers — and when possible, use video! Remember: regular posting helps tell your story and build trust with your target audience.
  • Manage online reviews. Here’s how you do it: First, encourage customers to leave reviews! You could even do a challenge with employees — whoever can bring in the most reviews in a given month wins extra PTO or cold, hard cash! You will far and away get mostly positive reviews, but don’t be afraid of the rare negative reviews. If they come (and what business has not had a single upset customer in their time?), take the opportunity to respond publicly in a professional, kind way. A potential customer will be interested to see how you address issues and treat other customers when things don’t go as they hoped. (You can of course reach out to the person who left the negative review in private as well, but it’s important to show future potential customers that you don’t ignore criticism or complaints.)

5. Consider Outside Help for Public Relations

When you have some budget to work with, consider working with a PR agency that can help you secure news coverage. The PR agency can also help in writing articles that can be served in local magazines and on influencer websites. In the last 25 years, we’ve worked with a lot clients to raise their profile and, when necessary, assist with crisis communications. (We’ve even won awards for it!)

Learn how we got the search engines going to introduce a new theatre to the Mansfield/Fort Worth area below.

Learn about how we helped a recent client, Flix Brewhouse, gain significant market share through strategic public relations here.

6. Lastly, maintain your content circulation, including online reviews.

To be fair, regular content creation can feel like a never-ending dance of posting here and there, changing this and tweaking that … but remember: this is a long game. It’s best to start slow with a commitment to one or two posts per week on your chosen platforms and apps, and then ramp up from there.

Whether you commit to a video or two per week, a news article every quarter, and/or a community leader or organization collaboration per month, it all helps establish your brand as a leader in the community. Little by little, you’ll develop your knack for informative content that delivers not only accurate information about your company and services, but also drive traffic to your website, raise the profile of your brand, and ultimately create success.

An important factor in content creation: the ones who keep dancing (posting) excel.

For Other Tips, Talk to J.O. Agency

We’re here to be your partner in all things marketing, public relations, and communications. Our team, located in Fort Worth’s South Main Village, has spent years helping clients actively engage with their audience, manage messaging, and stand tall amongst the competition. Let’s talk about how to leverage the best parts of your business so more people know your name and work. Reach out to us on our website or call us at 817-335-0100 to start the conversation.

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