Hispanic Marketing
January 22, 2016

Hispanic Marketing

It's no secret that the Hispanic population is the majority minority in the U.S. with more than 55 million and counting. In 2015, Hispanics made up 38.6 percent of the population in Texas alone. The Hispanic audience is growing, and so is the significance of marketing and advertising targeting this audience.

Twenty-two percent of the millennial population in the U.S. is represented by Hispanics. A 2015 study of Hispanics' digital habits confirms that U.S. Hispanic consumers are still leading key technology/digital trends and are "super-users" of mobile technology and digital entertainment.

In 2016, competitors will be looking for ways to engage with Hispanics, since the long-term Hispanic trend shows that this particular group will continue to stay ahead of the game.

When a company specifically speaks to their target audience, Hispanic or otherwise, the overall goal of making the consumer feel wanted is achieved. The key in winning the consumers' purchasing power falls in the vitality of increasing digital advertising budget and investments towards the {young} Hispanic population who maintains a leading role in both growing demographics and desired audience trends.

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Jessie Cole

Public Relations Assistant