How to Get Hired During
a Global Pandemic


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J.O. Agency is proud to have an environment that keeps people coming back for more, and Maddie Sanders, J.O’s Account Coordinator, is a true example of this. Maddie first interned at J.O. in the summer of 2019 and found her time rewarding for many reasons. Not only did she learn about the marketing world, but she discovered what she values in a workplace.

When the pandemic struck, Maddie was completing her degree and was elbows deep in the job search. She was overwhelmed by the job-hunting process and the spiking unemployment rates. Maddie did not let these statistics stop her from finding a job that fulfilled her desire to make a difference. She used this time to align her job priorities and her past experiences to solidify the characteristics that she was looking for in a career. This can-do-it attitude, and positive outlook lead her to a job offer from J.O. promptly after graduation.

Some might say that Maddie’s journey to employment is an unusual success story during a global pandemic, but it is one that can be learned from. Knowing what you value in a workplace and being persistent in searching for that is important to reach career goals. Looking at rejection as a steppingstone and each interview as more experience under your belt helps stay motivated in the job hunt. When asked what advice she would share with those looking for a job, Maddie said “Apply to any and every job that sparks your interest. If you aren’t actively looking for opportunities, you will be left empty-handed.”

Though the path to success does not look like this for everyone, these are important aspects to keep in mind while searching for that dream job. Whether you are new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, keep your priorities in mind when searching for a job and pursue those things until you reach your goals.

If you want to experience the work environment that inspired Maddie to achieve her career goals, head to Careers to apply.

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