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In a world with so much social media noise, it’s vital for a business’ Instagram account to express its human side and portray core values. A common misconception is that a successful and aesthetically pleasing Instagram account is hard to achieve, but this is far from the truth. Creating an Instagram account with high engagement rates and a large following is not hard to achieve with a few simple strategies.

The first and most simple tip that can be offered to someone revamping their Instagram is that consistency is key. Routinely posting pictures to the companies feed, story, IGTV and reels will keep followers expectant and eager for content and improve engagement on each post. When followers see that your brand is committed to giving them content, it drives them to be committed! An easy way to stay consistent is to create a calendar and schedule posts in advance. This eliminates the stress of creating content each day and helps with intentionality and thoughtfulness when it comes to content creation.

Another way to draw Instagram users is prioritize engagement on all Instagram posts. Customer engagement can be created by creating “call-to-action” captions by asking questions, replying to comments and posting polls on your stories. Make the most of every feature that Instagram has to offer and find which things work best for your particular brands account.

Authenticity is key! Remember to stay true to your business and the message you are trying to express to your followers. When the embodiment of your company and your true values align, it gives followers the opportunity to relate and share the content that is being shared from your company. The content that your business chooses to release should represent not only what you stand for, but what your followers believe in as well.

Growing your company Instagram does not happen overnight but after implementing these methods, as well as adding your own personal flare, the engagement and following will improve. Instagram is growing in popularity in the business world and the possibilities are endless when it comes to sharing your brand on this app!


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