How to Prevent Burnout
in the Workplace


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Burnout can be defined as an individual’s response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors within the workplace (Maslach, 2001). Burnout stems from many things such as exhaustion, inefficacy and cynicism, but it can be avoided through several preventative measures!

First and foremost, find a career that aligns with your passion. If you are passionate about the work that you are doing, you are most likely to enjoy yourself and be in a position for success.

While chasing that passion, be realistic with yourself. As much as you want to achieve all of your goals overnight, that's not the reality of it. Remember to challenge yourself, but do not overwhelm yourself with too many tasks or the idea of perfection. The last thing you want to do is spread yourself too thin, due to the amount of pressure and work that you have placed on yourself.

Get to know your co-workers! On our first day of work at J.O., we are asked to create a flyer that lists our likes and dislikes, which could be anything from sushi to confrontation, and we share them with our new co-workers. This helps us get to know each other on a more personal level and we learn how to work best as a team. Knowing what your coworkers like can help you not only build relationships with them but it gives you the tools to encourage them in the best way possible. Building a positive work environment will help you stay excited about going to work and avoiding burnout.

There are only so many hours in the day and to make the most efficient workday you should always schedule time for brain breaks! Take a walk around the office or step outside for some fresh air. Allowing yourself a ten-minute break to shift your focus from work will help your productivity and success. This will even help you get a fresh perspective when returning to your tasks.

Due to the recent pandemic, the work environment has changed drastically. Working from home can be a tough environment in which to stay focused. Sometimes that pile of laundry looks more important than your work. It is beneficial to keep a designated spot for work and only work. This will train your brain to know that when you are in that space, it is time dedicated to work. If you start to go stir crazy, find new areas that are near direct sunlight or open a window for fresh air.

Whether you are working from home or going into the office every day, creating a fun environment at work will lead to excitement and innovation when starting the workday. At J.O. we love to take breaks to swing on our indoor swing, gaze at the beautiful artwork that covers the walls and of course, office trivia. Encouraging good vibes and laughter in the workspace will create the most productive and positive environment and keep your employees eager to work.

Source: Prevent Employee Burnout – Neil Patel

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