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Interning with J.O. means dipping your toes into every aspect of agency life. This past week, our interns got to experience first-hand what the production process looks like and how much effort goes into filming, even if it is only a 30-second commercial. Here are their perspectives:


At an agency, we get to see behind the scenes of all aspects of the advertising process. Last week, we observed Make Something Beautiful in the production of the “Delivering You Safely” Trinity Metro video campaign. I had the opportunity to work with Trinity Metro beforehand in pre-production, so I got to see all of the steps that take place before cameras roll. From rounding up extras, finalizing filming schedules, to reviewing the script with the client, there are a lot of details that go into a 30-second commercial.

This process begins with the meeting of the minds with the production team and client. We had several calls with both parties about how to accurately portray the safety precautions while still keeping the commercial fun and entertaining. It was a collaborative and creative process figuring out exactly how to execute the message. Now that the details were nailed down, it was time to film!


One of the most amazing aspects of working in advertising and PR is that the work we do constantly changes. In our profession, you end up working on unique projects for unique clients in a myriad of industries, and it always feels like there is something new to learn or do. Last week was no exception.

I was asked to be an extra in a video shoot for Trinity Metro’s “Delivering You Safely” video campaign, and it was a blast. In college, I have studied film and video production, and it was great to be able to get more experience on a film set. I witnessed the great collaboration between the director, the crew, and the actors/extras. We rode the TEXRail across the DFW metroplex and shot several sequences of different people riding on the train (as well as some dancing clips). One of the key takeaways for me from the shoot was the liveliness of it all. Our director, Warren Cook, kept the energy of everyone up, which is very beneficial when shooting video. The entire shoot with Trinity Metro was a great time, and it was super rewarding. It was both fun and valuable, especially when you know that you are helping your client achieve their goals.


Throughout my experience of studying design, I have been able to execute a few of my own photoshoots, but I have not had the chance to look into video much, so this was an exciting experience. The filming primarily took place on Trinity Metro’s TEXRail, where we were able to see the director’s art direction skills take place. The director was super uplifting and had a vibrant attitude, which helped to keep our spirits high to portray the proper emotion for such a positive commercial. He carefully spent the time rearranging people to ensure the best shot according to clothing color, space and more. Even while the camera was rolling, he asked people to move around or switch seats.

I have always been taught that art direction is extremely important, so it was interesting to see someone’s skills at work, especially in a different genre and setting than what I am used to. Not only were we just watching the production take place, but we were asked to be extras in the filmmaking. Being in front of the camera added to the journey, as I took part in the experience and submerged myself into what the others on set were feeling. I was able to see the concept of a commercial come to life right before me, and it was a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing the final product, and partaking in similar opportunities in the future!

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