Intern Story: From College To
The Real World


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Coming from working at a small law firm, I was elated to finally have the opportunity to work as an intern at an agency as talented as J.O. While I previously have worked at an in-house agency at my university, no experience has been more beneficial than working at an actual marketing and creative agency.

Seeing how an agency works behind doors has opened my eyes to the fun—and some not-so-fun—aspects of #agencylife. I am proud to say that I have finally seen firsthand where my degree in public relations can take me. At an agency, there are new challenges every day that test your patience, but prove to be advantageous to your overall career advancement in the long run.

While my college courses have definitely broadened my knowledge of public relations, advertising and marketing, working at an agency has shown me that there is always more knowledge to absorb. Whether I’m researching a new client, crafting social media posts, writing a press release, pitching to the media or brainstorming a new blog topic, I’m constantly thinking about how to better strategize my efforts.

For me, studying public relations was a no-brainer. I’ve always enjoyed journalism and being the person behind the scenes. However, after interning at J.O. for a few months, I realized that, although I love public relations, I am truly passionate about copywriting and social media. Both allow me to connect with others on a textual level and utilize my storytelling skills in ways that are new and exciting.

The best part of this internship has been the people. When I first learned about the many businesses J.O. President Jennifer Henderson owns and manages, I was immediately inspired and eager to pick her brain.

Although I am sad to say goodbye to the J.O. team, I am excited to embark on this new chapter of my life. J.O. will always be my first agency family, and I am extremely grateful that I got to work alongside some of the best creative minds in the industry. I’m not saying “goodbye” to J.O.; I’m simply saying “see you later.”

Laura Muensterer

Public Relations Intern

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