Women’s Day


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Did you know that International Women’s Day, which lands on March 8 every year, was initially International Working Women’s Day? Its origin dates back to late February 1909 in New York, when the day was more of a political statement and reminder of a 1908 strike conducted by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union—an almost entirely female union which played a pivotal role in impacting labor in the 20s and 30s.

Working at J.O. means celebrating International Women’s Day on the reg. With our all-female staff and Jennifer Henderson—the woman who started it all— at the helm, there is no limit to the creativity that abounds here. Agency life means a fast-paced environment and a variety of projects, clients and daily tasks that require versatility and innovation. And boy, (irony intended) do we get the job done.

Yesterday, Google’s main-page Doodle featured a video that captured the authentic, truly international and multi-cultural element of International Women’s Day. The video showed women from across the globe, all of different ages and backgrounds, speaking in their mother tongues and elaborating upon their dreams by completing the sentence “One Day I Will….” The video was inspiring and heartwarming, reminding us that women are strong-willed and unique and that our diversity of ambitions illustrates the sheer range of what we can contribute in this vast world of possibilities. It celebrated not only what sets us apart individually, but also what unites us: our dreams.

We hope you took the chance to acknowledge and appreciate International Women’s Day, even in some small way. Because…

Who run the world?
Who run the world?



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