Internships That Teach More Than Basic Job Skills-Lesson On Art, Snacks, Old Dogs,
and Office Life


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When I started as an intern at Gallery 440, I had expectations about what I would learn. I thought I would learn how to run an art gallery, more about fine art and how to sell it, the Fort Worth art scene, etc.

  • I learned about all these things and a whole lot more—and most of it was completely unexpected.
  • I learned how to have a “big girl job” and work in a real office. I learned how to hang art exactly 58 inches off the ground.
Creativity in the office
Creativity in the office
  • I learned about the Fort Worth Circle and the Dallas Nine, how to put on a gallery show, how to research artists and how to photograph art.
  • I learned about press releases and contacting reporters from J.O.
  • I learned there is a lot more to do on Mac computers than Safari and Microsoft Word.
  • I learned that there are an excessive amount of tools in Photoshop, and that even if you only know how to use five of them, it’s still really fun.
  • I learned that social media is for a lot more than posting selfies and picking Instagram filters (although those are always fun).

What do I mean by all this? Not only did I learn about art at Gallery 440, but I learned about PR, advertising and design from J.O. and TCA… I pretty much learned anything they were willing to teach me. I also learned some pretty random things. Things I’m certain I would only learn at this office, with these people.

  • I learned Mondays and Wednesday are the best because Jason brings his dog, Duke. Even though Duke sleeps all day and makes weird snoring noises, he looks pretty dang cute in his skull and crossbones sweater.
Dog laying in bed
Dog laying in bed
  • I learned that popcorn doesn’t go stale for at least 3 weeks.
fun times in the office
fun times in the office
  • I learned how much beer to buy when J.O/Ardent have a movie night party.
Always a party a JO
Always a party a JO
  • I learned not to park under the neighbor’s tree when violent storms are expected.
Busted Window
Busted Window
  • I learned that bringing cookies is the surest way to win approval.
  • I learned that games areacceptable in the work place, especially if it involves collectively bouncing a blue ball around and keeping it from hitting the floor.
  • Basically, I learned that small offices with good people make coming to work a lot less of a “job”

I couldn’t have asked for a better first internship experience than the one I have had at Gallery 440 (and sometimes TCA and sometimes J.O.). I learned everything I wanted to learn and so much more. Plus, I got to hang out with some pretty awesome people (and canines) for a semester.

There is always more to learn, but I think I’ll start with finally figuring out how to answer the office phones and what all those red blinking lights mean.

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