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I’m Avery Cohen, the new public relations intern at J.O., and I’m so excited to join the team! I’m in my second semester as a senior at Texas Christian University and in May, I’ll graduate with a Bachelor of Science in strategic communication with a minor in psychology.

I was lucky enough to grow up right across from the bay in Corpus Christi, Texas! I love all that South Texas has to offer, from the authentic Mexican food to the beautiful beaches. Most of my time in middle and high school was spent playing competitive volleyball, which required lots of weekend road trips up and down Texas.

In 2016, I made the move up to Fort Worth to start my freshman year as a Horned Frog! I immediately felt at home at the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. Now a senior, I’m so thankful for the many great opportunities I’ve had, from running an actual campaign with my classmates to studying abroad in London and gaining a new perspective on public relations.

Throughout my college career, I’ve interned for two great companies: The Bend Magazine and Cara Caulkins Communications. During these internships, I ran social media accounts, wrote press releases and assisted in event coordination. Each of these experiences helped bring to life what I’d learned in my classes and taught me new skills.

Through my studies and experiences in business, my favorite PR rule is to keep it simple. When writing, use simple language and keep it short to create clear and straightforward sentences. This has been key for me when drafting press releases in my past internships. It can also help in other contexts like communicating via email or writing an assignment for a class. Simplicity is now a rule that I live by!

A passion of mine, aside from public relations, is traveling. I love seeing new sights, experiencing different cultures, and of course trying great new foods. Some of my favorite memories are from traveling with my friends and family. A few of my favorite places I’ve traveled to are Peru, Greece, and Italy.

Though I’m only a few days in, I’m already learning so much here at J.O. and am thrilled to be part of such an amazing agency and team. I’m surrounded by people who have years of experience and I get to soak up their expertise every single day—how amazing is that? I can’t wait to get to work and see what my semester here brings.



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