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From the beginning, J.O. has been on a whirlwind of a journey, achieving some pretty impressive breakthroughs along the way. These milestones have allowed J.O. to grow into the marketing, advertising and public relations agency that it is today. Please join us on a brief trip as we reflect on a couple of these more recent memorable milestones.

Trinity Metro

One of J.O.’s most notable success stories is its collaboration with Trinity Metro. Originally known as Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA), J.O. helped the expansion of the public transportation system into North Tarrant County, gaining awareness by implementing a marketing plan including a mix of print ads, direct mailers, SEO efforts, Google Map ads and Facebook and Twitter ads. This awareness campaign proved to be extremely successful, with the digital arm collecting nearly a million impressions in just a week. Ultimately the campaign increased ridership and improved overall public perception of the transportation offerings.

FWTA’s next step was to establish brand consistency. To achieve this, J.O. concepted and renamed the organization as Trinity Metro, paying homage to the Trinity River’s significance to Fort Worth, while also providing a strong association to the transportation systems worldwide with the commonly used “metro” as part of the name. The new identity called for an equally significant logo, and J.O. created a bold design consisting of three triangles. This visual worked as a trinity, while also using the negative space to reveal the letter M. Since then, J.O. has been able to launch multiple successful campaigns with Trinity Metro, as well as video, design and strategic marketing and advertising buys.

J.O.’s success with clients like Trinity Metro, as well as many others, has led to major growth for the agency. Starting off as a small design firm, J.O. has added capabilities and is continually finding ways to enhance its presence in the marketplace.

Redefining J.O.

Realizing that we needed to strut our own stuff, J.O. launched its own rebrand and a new website to better represent the dynamics of the company, demonstrate the quality and diversity of the work that J.O. is capable of and to display the range of clients served. Starting in 2018, the website was completely re-written, re-designed and re-coded to be its most visually effective with high performance. Since the launch of the new website, the number of monthly visitors to the website has more than doubled and client inquiries have increased, with many specifically citing the website as their reason for choosing us.

As an agency, we take pride in these success stories, but the true victory comes when our clients succeed because of our collaboration. Making clients’ goals become their reality has been our MOJO from the very beginning, and we look forward to the many milestones yet to come!
Avery Cohen

Public Relations Intern

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