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Inspired by an article published by the Washington Post at the beginning of the year, our team at J.O. Agency has spent the last five months with JOMO — the joy of missing out — on our minds. In the age of social media, it’s a term that has quietly followed in the wake of FOMO — the fear of missing out.

If this is your first time hearing the term, welcome! We think you’ll like it here. Keep reading as we explain more about JOMO and why it matters to your business.

FOMO Origin Story

As the article (linked above) points out, “The fear embodied in FOMO is a social one. Humans have dealt with it since we realized that there were opportunities being missed, fun not being had and Joneses needing to be kept up with. But the rise of social media meant that FOMO arose in public consciousness and vocabulary.” As we’ve increasingly gained windows into the worlds of our friends, family and lots of strangers, we’ve had a lot of opportunities to compare what we’re doing — personally and professionally — to others.

JOMO on the other hand, invites us to pull back from these windows and spend time proverbially watering our own green grass and cultivating our own worlds without thinking about others. As the Washington Post article explains it, “The research into JOMO is nascent and focuses on the effects of social media. But we can find JOMO in the rest of our lives, too, by choosing when we want to step away. JOMO can feel rejuvenating because it helps us stop being preoccupied with other people.”

So, while FOMO and JOMO are most often used in relation to social media, we think there are lessons to be learned in the realm of marketing, advertising and public relations, too.

Pull back from the view you have into other businesses and focus on what makes your company unique.

Pull back from the view you have into other businesses and focus on what makes your company unique.

How JOMO Can Improve Your Marketing

In the world of social media, we’re all only more aware of companies similar to our own. It’s easy to take looks at different groups and organizations and think they’re doing it all right and we need to be more like them — talk like them, look like them, create similar services or products to them. But that’s the FOMO talking. We’re here to lean into all that JOMO makes possible.

What the Joy of Missing Out Makes Possible

  1. Frees You to Focus on Your Unique Work

When you’re not looking at what company A or organization B is doing, you can focus on what makes your business unique. For J.O., that means remembering we’re a female owned and led agency — did you know less than 1% of all agencies in North America are? We love art and creativity here — we work in an art gallery, for goodness’ sake! We enjoy supporting our South Main neighborhood and greater Near Southside community. We’re a small team that pulls together to create savvy plans and branding for our clients and do right by them in every project.

See? There’s a lot for us to focus on without worrying about what’s happening next door or across town.

So, what makes your business uniquely you? Is it your clientele or your location? Do you think it’s the heart behind the business or how you present your services? Your history or your future goals? Zero in on what makes your company unique and use it to market yourself — it will connect more with prospective customers than anything else.

  • You Have More Brain Space to Come Up With New Ideas for Your Business

When you’re propelled by the fear of missing out, you end up being reactionary. You’re likely to follow down a well trodden path instead of making your own. However, when you embrace the joy of missing out, things are a lot quieter and you may find that quiet is useful for brainstorming and seeking direction for your next steps. The quiet can also provide space to listen to your team.

JOMO gives you space to think of new ideas and ventures for your business, which can lead to great PR opportunities.

JOMO gives you space to think of new ideas and ventures for your business, which can lead to great PR opportunities.

New ideas, new courses to chart, new opportunities to build and stretch — these will help you build a stronger business and one that accurately reflects who you are and the good you’re doing in the world, which in turn will give you more great news to share publicly.

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3. You Can Build Impactful Networks

In Fort Worth, TX, there are no shortage of marketing/advertising and PR agencies. For your own field, you can probably rattle off a number of companies doing similar work or offering similar products and services. It’s easy to fall into the comparison trap and get wrapped up in who’s doing better or who has more interesting work — again, that’s the FOMO talking. When we lean into JOMO, though, it’s much easier to not only stand apart, but also build networks with others our field.

People in networks often lean on each other for advice and community, and they help spread the word about each other. No two companies are exactly alike and no two companies can handle all the business in a market — when you lean into the joy of that, there’s lots of room to share and connect. This kind of attitude can also permeate throughout your business and create the kind of brand and reputation you want. It’s good for you and good for business.

JOMO empowers you to build a better brand and network.

Make JOMO Your Mojo

At J.O. Agency, we like to say we make mojo happen. It’s our own unique blend of purpose, precision and performance that we bring to every project. It’s what sets us apart as a company and team. If you’re looking for some help in focusing on your own unique branding, PR, or advertising, we’re here to help. Our team can assist you in finding your own lane so you can experience more JOMO in your everyday work and life. Reach out to us at or call 817-335-0100 to talk to our team today.

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