Should LinkedIn Be A Part of Your
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LinkedIn launched in May 2003 as a social platform for professional networking. Over the last 20+ years, it has become a dynamic force in the professional world. To date, the social media platform has grown to more than 830 million users worldwide, including 57 million companies.

If your company doesn’t have an active LinkedIn profile, you may be missing a real opportunity to connect with other leaders and potential future partners in your industry. Let’s explore the possibilities below and help you decide if a LinkedIn profile is a right next step for your business.

LinkedIn Allows You to Expand Your Brand Presence

Along with your website, your LinkedIn profile is a place where people will search for your company to learn more about your business, your work, your team and overall culture. While all social media platforms are a place to tell your story, adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy doesn’t mean you’ll duplicate the content you post on other social media platforms, like TikTok or Facebook. It means figuring out how to create content that your target audience is looking for on LinkedIn and tailoring your approach accordingly.

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A company LinkedIn profile is a powerful marketing tool for reaching other business professionals.

What Types of Content Can You Post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a place to, in essence, nerd out about your industry and the work of your company. Think of LinkedIn as your digital business card or digital elevator speech where you can share the core of your company along with your latest projects, news and leadership ideas.

On LinkedIn you can:

  • Publish articles
  • Create newsletters
  • Participate in conversations about the hot topics du jour in your industry
  • Run targeted ad campaigns
  • Establish your company as a leader in your field and your community

Overall, it’s an ideal place for connecting with others, generating leads for new business and marketing your company.

8 Ways Your Company Can Post on LinkedIn:

  • 1. Post jobs
    In case you didn’t know, many people use LinkedIn as a source for open positions. Thanks to the social platform’s ability to search for specific jobs in specific fields, ideal candidates may already be looking for a company like yours. By posting a job on LinkedIn, a number of great candidates will be notified that you’re hiring.

2. Proactively search for job candidates.
Many companies also use LinkedIn to search for people with the experience, skills and backgrounds that match a particular role they’re hiring for. While lots of people may apply for a position you post on LinkedIn, you may find excellent talent by searching on your own as well.

3. Share your company’s recent work: projects, products, partnerships and more.

LinkedIn is a great public relations opportunity — this is a place to post all your wins. The work that you’re really proud of? Post it on LinkedIn. The partnerships that have become successful parts of your business? Talk about those. The new products or services that you’ve developed? Share those too!

4. Talk about community involvement.

If your company gives back to a certain cause or local organization, it’s great to share that work on LinkedIn — not to brag or to say, “Look at how amazing we are!” but to share a fuller-scope of life at your company. It’s wonderful when companies pair up with nonprofits to help further their work — often, it’s a way for a company to live out some of their core values. Sharing that kind of involvement will tell a wonderful story about your company.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to share about your company’s community involvement.

5. Post news and updates — new hires, positions, growth stats, etc.

LinkedIn is an excellent place to share news about your company’s growth. When someone gets a promotion, share it on LinkedIn. When you hire for a role, introduce the person on LinkedIn (especially if you previously posted the job on LinkedIn). Certainly, this kind of posting isn’t possible in a company of several hundred or several thousand people, but you can still highlight changes in leadership as well as year-over-year growth and changes.

Use your company’s LinkedIn profile to share your company’s wins.

6. Connect with people in your field.

Here’s a stat for you: LinkedIn is the most-used platform among Fortune 500 companies for CEO engagements. By sharing about your company’s good work, you’ll likely draw a crowd of people who work for similar companies or an adjacent field. By sharing regular, interesting content, people can learn more about your company and what it’s like to work there. People can also share their ideas and experiences in the comments of your posts.

7. Position yourself as an industry thought leader by sharing insights, trends and developments.

Your company has experiences worth sharing. Every team and company ebbs and flows with the lessons they are learning. You can become a sought-after voice in your area of expertise by sharing what your company has learned (maybe these are quarterly posts and year-end posts) and how your team is growing and developing. Social media is especially powerful when people  (and companies) share true things that allow others to see themselves and respond, “Oh, me too!”

Bonus: You can even add in a regular post from your company’s CEO or president. This would allow for more connection from the company’s leadership to the public.

8. Allow people to see the humanity of your brand.
Remember that LinkedIn is full of business professionals that are real people. Those people are looking to work for companies who will treat them as the well-rounded individuals. Make sure you leave room in your posting strategy to share about individuals who are making an impact at your company and share why they are ideal ambassadors of your brand. This is also an opportunity to highlight how you support your employees with benefits that impact their day-to-day wellness.

LinkedIn allows you to show the people of your company — that’s a powerful communication tool in marketing your company.

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General Guidance for Posting on LinkedIn:

1. Establish a consistent posting pattern.

On average, try to post 1-2 times per week. The algorithm will thank you for it and support your posts.

2. Remember that quality over quantity matters.

Make sure your posts have a point and offer something to readers. Posting for posting’s sake will not build the profile you want.

3. Let your brand shine.

Remember: This is an opportunity for people to get to know your company and the people who run it, so lean into your core values and what makes your company unique.

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