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We all have a favorite memory from our childhood or a unique travel story that make us who we are. From bedtime tales to outlandish adventures, people love storytelling. In fact, humans were made to tell stories and to hear stories. That is the beauty and the explanation for the rise in popularity of podcasts.

If you’re a marketer, it’s time to hop on the podcast bandwagon. Here’s why:

#1 – Podcasts for one. Podcasts for all!

There is a podcast for every person and every interest. For the thousands of you who obsess over crime (slightly concerning, y’all), there is the Crime Junkie podcast. For our Fort Worth foodie friends, there is the Fort Worth Food Stories podcast. There is even a podcast “for dentists, made by dentists” called The Dental Hacks. With so many niche podcasts, marketers and brands can really target any specific audience they desire to reach.

#2 – Built for the Multi-tasker

I have seven tabs open right now. I bet you might, too. We are a generation of multi-taskers. Is this problematic? Maybe. It’s also another score for podcasts, which are great for those who have an on-the-go lifestyle. Podcasts don’t prevent listeners from carrying on with their daily tasks. Podcasts aren’t intrusive and they don’t ask the audience to stop what they are doing. Instead, podcasts invite listeners to continue in their daily activites. It is a platform that helps users make the most of their time.

#3 – Location. Location. Location.

Owning a great home is mostly about location. So is any great advertisement. Podcasts are the beachfront home, in a great school district, with a fun main street right down the road. Returning listeners come back to a podcast because they like, trust or resonate with the host. Though a listener does not know the host, the advertisements read by the host feel like a personal recommendation and more organic than other forms of advertisements.

Not convinced? Let’s look at statistics. According to an article in, 67% of podcast listeners enjoy advertisements and podcast advertising yields leads with a conversion rate seven times higher than leads from regular website traffic.

Are you sold? Well if you need help with your next out-of-the-box marketing strategy, J.O.’s got you covered!


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