How Maternal Insight Translates to Client Success
January 10, 2017

How Maternal Insight Translates to Client Success

Having just returned from maternity leave, I see why the national standard is around twelve weeks to allow new mothers time to get acquainted with this incredible and overwhelming life change. I have found that my new job as a mother requires employing common sense and a natural instinct to nurture in order to learn what baby needs and how best to help baby grow and progress.

Our son Isaac was born on October 12, three weeks earlier than expected. Most of the rest of his birth story also falls within the category of "unexpected", but the bottom line is this: he is here and healthy, and we are so blessed. And may I just say, I am totally in love and hooked for life!

Caring for Isaac got me thinking. Assessing a client's needs is, at its core, very similar to the day-to-day monitoring, interpreting and taking care of baby's ever-changing needs.

That's not to say that we see our clients as babies that require pacifiers and a good burping now and again.

However, it does mean that sometimes baby doesn't know what he needs, but cries out for help anyway. So, as parents, we run down the list of possibilities and determine whether it's a diaper change, bottle time, sleep, too much stimulation or not enough stimulation, too hot or too cold, etc. Once the list is exhausted, baby should be happy once more.

Oftentimes when we first meet with clients, they know they need help (usually urgently), but the solution eludes them. With them, we use the same deductive process, labeled "discovery," that I use to determine how best to serve Isaac. This process is the most important step in ensuring that we are doing everything we can to bolster the client's business growth and progress.

As creatives, digital marketers, advertisers and PR professionals, the team at J.O. uses its professional experience, skills, instinct and common sense to start a client off in the right direction. When our clients trust in us, success naturally follows.

Trust is the reason I have successfully moved into first place with Isaac, which he shows me through sweet smiles and coos. My husband comments that I have "the special touch" when soothing him or laying him down to sleep. Because I"ve spent countless hours with him, he trusts me to interpret and understand his distress cries and knows I will address his needs.

At J.O., we care about each of our clients and treat their businesses in the same manner. Going forward this year, my hope is that clients will trust us to employ our skills and insight in assessing their needs and allow us to be first in their minds—knowing we will successfully win together with discovery, patience and trust!

When it comes to client success—take it from me—mother knows best.

Lara Ingram

PR Director