Merging Traditional Advertising with
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Every Tuesday and Wednesday night my friends and I gather around the TV to watch our favorite contestants sing for their lives on the reality television competition, The Voice. We love watching the four famous musical coaches battle it out to achieve the best team of artists, but I think what truly draws us in is the constant urge to talk about the show. Throughout the show, we post our opinions on Twitter with the hashtag #TheVoice, the show’s Twitter handle, or a coach or artist name, in hopes of appearing in the banner that rolls across the bottom of the screen when the show airs live. The social media aspect of The Voice engages us in a way that makes us feel like we are a part of what is happening. The future of television is here, bridging the gap between traditional advertising and social media.

With three thousand tweets per minute, it’s hard to deny that social media is an important factor in how The Voice markets their brand. And The Voice isn’t alone. Social media has made a splash with big businesses and products around the world. Anytime a business logo is on an online advertisement, you are seeing traditional advertising and social media becoming one. It allows campaigns to connect with their customers on a more personal and interesting level. The Voice only proves to be a huge success to this method, constantly trending on Twitter and keeping the audience engaged even after the show is over. In this day and age, social media is impossible to ignore and must be built over time in order for a brand to flourish.

What brands do you interact with on social media?

Cate Kelly
Public Relations Intern

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