Near Southside: The Comeback Kids
On The Block


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Fort Worth's Near Southside expansion
Rendering by Studio 97

Completion of the future South Main Village means big small business, big heart.

The district dubbed the Near Southside, just south of downtown Fort Worth, is drastically expanding, thanks to the masterminds at Near Southside, Inc. (NSI). NSI is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to further developing this creative, vibrant neighborhood characterized by its quirky mix of shops, homes and businesses and its pedestrian-friendly streets. (Shout-out to Paul Payne and Mike Brennan for their tireless efforts over the years in leading the redevelopment!)

Near Southside is a family. The district prides—and sustains—itself on solid alliances between the melting pot of various businesses. Thrilling, new companies across several industries are popping up—each bringing individuality and personality that contribute to the area’s upbeat energy and strong sense of community.

Some of the original pioneers behind the new businesses on and near South Main include Tom Reynolds, Jesse Stamper, Nelson Claytor, Philip Poole (Highpoint Apartments), Robert Kelly and Eddie Van Zandt. The impressive $8.6-million project will fund several new construction and restoration projects in this unique area, whose amazing revival shows no signs of stopping—or slowing.

J.O.’s office is surrounded by these tenacious entrepreneurs, innovative companies and eccentric shops. And, we’re all about delicious food, robust coffee, creative people, fine wine, high energy, easy walkability (via smart streetscaping) and supportive neighbors. Because of the revamp, all these will be right outside our doors, and we’re beyond eager to see what’s next for South Main and Southside.

The 4-1-1 on Project 4 Eleven

At the center of the South Main Redevelopment Project—located at 411 South main—a whole new mix of small retail and food shops and pop-ups will emerge. This space—appropriately named 4 Eleven—will be an indoor market experience with a beautiful, central courtyard for locals to enjoy. Its grand opening is expected to be early October.

Alchemy Pops in Near Southside
Image from Alchemy Pop’s Facebook

Alchemy Pops- Cultivating community, one pop at a time

This local pop pop-up shop is getting a storefront! Alchemy Pops serves hand-made, gluten-free and vegan-friendly products that aim to be both healthy and delicious, and it also promises high-quality ingredients from local farmers. Boy, do they deliver on those promises! (And literally, they deliver.) Bottom line: This pop shop hopes to treat the community sweetly with its sweet treats.

Near Southside local business
Image from The Greenhouse 817’s website

The Greenhouse 817- A splash of color to satisfy a green thumb

What bloomed in Deryk Poynor’s backyard is now ready to grow above and beyond. From gardening at a young age to studying floral designs as an adult, Deryk now owns a greenhouse shop, Greenhouse 817, that specializes in modern botanical designs. This 4,500-sq.ft. warehouse is lush with myriad thoughtfully and carefully arranged flora to “fauna” over. View Deryk’s unique designs on her website.

Winton and Waits' Jewelry
Image from Winton and Waits’ Facebook

Winton and Waits- Accessorize and “philanthropize”

This upscale retail shop decided to mix its elegant, designed jewelry and home goods with social stewardship. The shop partners with global and local non-profits to help improve the lives of women and sustain families. Looks like shopping therapy just became shopping philanthropy—something the whole community can get behind. Check out ” Adera Foundation” for more info.

What Else Is New on South Main?

Whether they’re new to the neighborhood or old souls here, these businesses are making developments to improve the South Main Street corridor and South Main Village.

Near Southside Business
Image from Fort Worth Business Press Magazine

Red Productions- Capture what matters

President, producer and namesake Red Sanders is relocating Red Productions to the hot spot on South Main. This hugely successful video production studio has worked for clients across the country on both commercial and feature films. Our future creative neighbor will soon join the Southside family—on the best side of I-30. If you want to learn more about Red, see the company’s website.

Infographic from TASTE Project
Image from TASTE Project’s Facebook

Taste Project- Making cents of dining for those in need

Did you know that roughly one of six people is uncertain how he will get his next meal? Taste (expected to open in late August) is a nonprofit organization designed with a simple, yet powerful mission: to feed people. With a no-price menu, customers have the option to pay what they can—just another example of how these new shops are rallying to give back to the community. For further details on the project, go here.

HopFusion Ale Works
Image from HopFusion Ale Works’ website

Hop Fusion Ale Works- Just “brew” it

The newest brewery to hop onto the Near Southside train is Hop Fusion. This multi-purpose, patioed bar dips into the arts, the outdoors, cycling, local food, friends and dogs—all of which can be accompanied by a crisp pint. Under a year old, Hop Fusion continues to flourish, bringing the community together through its unique beers and atmosphere. For more info on Hop Fusion and its open hours, visit its site here.

Bagel and coffee at Roots Coffeehouse
Image from Roots Coffeehouse’s Yelp

Roots Coffeehouse- Our roots are coffee grounds

You can never have too many coffee shops around—especially when they serve good coffee. Using local suppliers, Roots Coffeehouse is all about cherishing friendships through truly artisan coffee. The shop will open a new location in the South Village and plans to hold fun community events and coffee classes in its new home, as well as support local charities. Visit Roots’ website for more info.

Tinies Mexican Rotisserie and Cocktail Lounge building
Image from Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Tinie’s Mexican Rotisserie and Cocktail Lounge- Our two favorite “t”s: tacos and tequila

From the owners who brought you Taco Heads, Castillo and Watson are newly undertaking a “family-style Mexican rotisserie” with an upstairs cocktail bar. The two-story eatery and hangout area is expected to open January 2018. On the first floor, fire-roasted chicken, tortas, tacos and more will be served, and the hideaway bar, El Escondite, will offer craft cocktails, Latin-American beers, 60 different tequilas and mescal. Get ready! The duo is partnering with Fort Worth’s Studio 97w to design a unique bar, the likes of which Fort Worth has never seen.

Bonus! The DL on the O.B. Macaroni Building

The real estate development group M2G Ventures recently purchased the historic O.B. Macaroni building, which will undertake renovations and welcome new occupants. What began as a Stage Coach Hotel in 1860 turned into a pasta factory in early 1900. O.B. (“Our Best”) Macaroni relocated in late 2015, and the upcoming space will no doubt embody the legacy and spirit of the eclectic Southside. We already know of three Fort Worth favorites that will soon move in…

Craftwork coffee
Image from Craftwork Coffee Co.’s Facebook

Craftwork Coffee Company- Coffee and community go together like PB&J

A confident shop that exudes a culture of ease and inspiration, Craftwork Coffee Co. found a home for its third roastery in the O.B. Macaroni building. With its new facility, Craftwork has a much greater opportunity to supply individual and corporate consumers—like us! Our love of coffee borderlines on addiction, so we rely on local roasteries to hook us up. See the website for updates.

Ice cream from Melt
Image from Spoon University

MELT Ice Creams- Who doesn’t scream for ice cream?

Its customers spoke, and MELT listened. This unique ice cream shop will begin churning out their sweet concoctions in a larger location due to high consumer demand. Its storefront on Magnolia will continue to serve scoops, but its cherished flavors will be produced in the O.B. space. For all of you ice cream fanatics, don’t drool too much over more of MELT’s made-from-scratch pints. See the different pints MELT has to offer on its website.

Wallet from durable goods
Image from Pinterest

W Durable Goods- “Leather” believe they’re movin’ up

This fast-growing leather company knows how to rock the vintage style and put a spin on the modern wardrobe. The shop outdid itself and is ready to expand its products—antique bags, hats, stationery, home dĂ©cor and more. These old-fashioned gems will have a new, swanky home surrounded by original O.B. building elements and signs to complement the historic, yet modern feel.

The Near Southside is makin’ a comeback. Needless to say, its future is bright—so bright, locals may need shades. So, throw on your specs and get ready for what’s next.


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