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If you’re local to Fort Worth, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Near Southside. Compiled of Magnolia Village, South Main Street, and several other culture-rich enclaves, Fort Worth’s most creative neighborhood is booming. With craft coffee shops on every corner, Instagram-able backdrops galore and handfuls of coveted boutiques and restaurants lining the streets, it beckons residents and travelers from near and far to take a stroll and stay a while.

The Near Southside experience is giving us plenty to talk about… but there’s more to it than that. The idyllic streets and lingering sense of life’s simple charm have a story to tell. One that adds even more vibrancy to the neighborhood that boasts unsurmountable innovation, creativity and passion. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to introduce you to our friendly neighbor and beloved client, Near Southside Inc.

Rewind twenty years, and you’ll see the streets of Near Southside a little differently than you would today. In the heart of the medical district, the 1600-acre span was nothing more than a rundown neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown. But it was never without hope. It didn’t take long for someone to see creative potential in it. And therefore, the revitalization of Historic Near Southside began.

In 1998, a group of developers, now the founders of Near Southside Inc., started a small nonprofit project to preserve and restore Historic Near Southside. What they didn’t know was that 20 years later, it would be considered a triumphant success that is not only transforming the city, but the lives of the people who live in it.

The vision to reconcile Fort Worth’s medical district with a flourishing, walkable community of residents, visitors and small businesses is supported by the effort of hundreds of volunteers and sponsors, and little by little, the privately funded Near Southside Inc. is coming back to life.

Their efforts are part of a nationwide initiative to improve the areas surrounding medical facilities in order to improve the health of patients and the city as a whole. Research shows that the environment plays a pivotal role in a patient’s ability to heal, and a walkable, welcoming, creative environment is thought to aid in these efforts. Several medical districts around the country have already successfully implemented plans with a similar vision, and Near Southside is sure to follow.

With more growth on the horizon, this year’s plans include new residential developments, restaurants, shops, community events and more. Want to be a part of it? Visit to find out how you can support the ongoing development of the beautiful and flourishing Historic Near Southside.

Sara Weiler
Public Relations Intern

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