Near Southside to Welcome
Bodega This Fall


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After spending over 30 years in catering, Tasha Monticure is fulfilling her dream. Growing up in Madison, Wisconsin, her Mom had a health food store on Main Street. Some of her fondest childhood memories include riding her bike to the store after school and eating sesame sticks. Just like her Mom, Tasha Monticure is opening her version, a Bodega, on Main Street in Fort Worth.

Tasha has always dreamed of opening a deli. She moved to Texas with her husband, Walt, as he attended Dallas Baptist University. In early 2020, she became nearly exhausted by searching almost every rental property in DFW, including Flower Mound and Bishop Arts in Dallas. The last stop on her list was to visit Near Southside. She fell in love with the community here. Her daughter got married in Near Southside 2 years ago; she appreciates the growth and is excited to become a part of the vibrant area.

With Near Southside recently becoming a cultural district, she is encouraged to open her business even during a pandemic. She signed her lease a week before COVID hit, having no idea what the future would hold. She no longer works in the catering business, allowing full focus to her Bodega. Near Southside community members have encouraged her and told her that the neighborhood needs her business model.

After spending time in New York City with her daughter, she knows the Bodegas’ importance to their community. She imagines that those who call Near Southside home will come to the Bodega to get groceries, something Near Southside does not currently offer. Those who walk through Bodega’s doors will find fresh flowers, meats, produce, local protein bars, champagne, as well as common favorites such as Coca Cola products and candy bars. The store’s back will include a deli offering salads, sandwiches, paninis, baked goods, and grab and go items.

COVID has caused Bodega’s opening date to be delayed. Even despite obstacles, Monticure’s passion will fuel Bodega’s success in Near Southside’s vibrant community. Her goal is to open in November 2020.

Rivers Dorey
Public Relations and Marketing Intern

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