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Our digital footprint is something we do not often think about when we have about a thousand other things on our plate, but the importance of it is growing each year. Try giving your name a Google search. Are you surprised by the results? How does the internet find those things?

That alone is the leading basis of why personal reputation management is exponentially important; if you are not periodically checking on what is being publicly said about you or your brand on the internet, it could lead to a negative impact on your reputation … slowly, without you realizing it is happening.

Personal reputation management involves reducing the number of negative conversations concerning your name or your business, and working to generate favorable ones. This can be done through online conversation, public relations tactics, or word-of-mouth scenarios. The idea of personal reputation management may appear complex and time consuming, but with consistency and the implementation of a few key strategies, it is achievable, manageable and worthwhile.

To avoid the negative, you can act in a preventive and pre-emptive manner, and be transparent with your audience. This can involve sharing information such as your goals, aspirations and ways that you are aiming to grow. The posts that you choose to share should be consistent, positive and hold value so those following can rely on you.

There is such a thing as bad publicity and it can bring you down. Nor is it possible to always be seen in a positive manner. Often, people post false information about individuals or businesses online. When disarray sets in, it is important to know what to do; you usually can rebound if you act correctly.

First and foremost, make sure that the comment, review or post is removed and investigated to see who posted it. If you have made a mistake, be transparent and straight-forward with your audience and respond to the issue appropriately and quickly. Do not try to cover up your mistakes; instead, take full responsibility and promise to do better.

After this has been done, a helpful idea would be to discuss with an agency about your recovery process. Can you re-build a reputation? Absolutely … by producing positive content about you and/or your business.

It’s important to always be authentic and always be accountable. Creating and maintaining a positive reputation online can be complex at times, but using these tools can simplify the process. As you grow and evolve, so will your online reputation and presence; this is a gradual process, not overnight success, but following these tips will show progression in a positive direction.To learn more about how to manage your company’s online presence, check out our blog: Company Reputation Management

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