10 Spots to Inspire: What makes Fort Worth
so Photo Worthy?


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If you have visited Fort Worth, you know that the city runs wild with colors and creativity. With murals wrapping buildings throughout every district, it’s nearly impossible to feel dull. These works of art are the primary reason why people are calling Fort Worth so “photo worthy.” Murals are not only a great way for artists to boldly express themselves but they allow witnesses to appreciate and admire the work. Thanks to social media, people sometimes flock to cities across the nation strictly for the photo opportunity. Fort Worth has quickly become one of those cities. Here are eight of the most inspiring spots around town.

Fort Worth's Mural, Love the Fort
Fort Worth’s Mural, Love the Fort

“Love the Fort, Worth the Love”

Located on the side of one of Fort Worth’s favorite gathering places, Brewed, this mural paints a perfect picture of the city. It showcases the western history with a life-sized cowboy and the words “Love the Fort, Worth the love” spread across this olive green .

Fort Worth's Mural, Inspiration Alley
Fort Worth’s Mural, Inspiration Alley

“Inspiration Alley”

One of Fort Worth’s biggest hidden gems is located in the Foundry District. The name “Inspiration Alley” is quite fitting considering the floor to ceiling painting all along the shops. This is easily a photo opportunity but even more, an experience that is a must when visiting the University Park area.

Fort Worth's Mural, Taco Wall
Fort Worth’s Mural, Taco Wall

“Taco Wall”

This mural is pretty fitting for the location considering it is painted on the side of a local favorite, Taco Heads. It adds a funky feel to the vibe of this restaurant and gives people a place to pose and smile once their tummies are smiling. Because its full of colors and is in a convenient location, this mural has received lots of social media coverage.

Fort Worth's Mural, Play
Fort Worth’s Mural, Play


A fun message and pop of color is a perfect addition to the South Main MicroPark. Sitting next to the Arcadia Coffee airstream and the shops of South Main Village, this mural keeps heads turning and cameras snapping. South Main Village is known for its new restaurants and businesses’ popping up every month, but also for the hidden murals around every corner. If you are looking for a photo op, this is a great area to check out!

Fort Worth's Mural, Word of the Day
Fort Worth’s Mural, Word of the Day

“My Word of the Day is ____ and I Will Keep it With Me”

This simple quote is such a crowd-pleaser due to its ability to be personalized. It sits just outside of Inspiration Alley to welcome people to the up-and-coming Foundry District and invite them to interact. This little statement’s calm colors really capture the kindness associated with the message.

Fort Worth's Mural, Gonna be Somebody
Fort Worth’s Mural, Gonna be Somebody

“I’m Gonna be Somebody one of These Days” and “LOVE Brings Together You and Me”

The WestBend shopping center has become a hub for all things Fort Worth. Not only do they have countless restaurants to choose from and shops on every corner, but there are murals located all around the property. From stairwells to parking garages to the sides of buildings, there is artwork on every corner to keep all of the WestBend visitors smiling.

Fort Worth's Mural, You are Here data-type =
Fort Worth’s Mural, You are Here data-type =

“If You are Here, You are Awesome”

This bright spot sits in the West 7th area just off of Foch St. It adds a fun pop to the area and inspires some silly photo shoots. The life-sized Google Maps “pin” adds a sense of humor and a quirky vibe to the shopping center. Whether you are touring or eating in the area, you should definitely stop here for a goofy picture!

Fort Worth's Mural, Creativity Loves Company
Fort Worth’s Mural, Creativity Loves Company

“Creativity Loves Company”

Driving into the South Main Village, you can’t miss this bold piece. It sits on the side of Red Productions and shares a message we firmly believe in. This mural is an easy reminder that there is power in community and that people inspire each other.

Fort Worth's Mural, Hey Good Lookin
Fort Worth’s Mural, Hey Good Lookin

“Hey Good Lookin”

One of Fort Worth’s newest additions, the “Hey Good Lookin” wall is painted on the side of Grey Stitch on 8th Avenue. It adds a fresh pop to the fairly industrial area. This mural also sends a positive message out to those who are driving by. If you are in the Near Southside area, this mural is only a 5-minute drive away and a rewarding detour!

If you plan to visit any of Fort Worth’s most photo worthy murals, tag us on social media to let us know which spots you found the most inspiring! @theJOagency

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