Pioneers Don’t Always
Wear Flannels


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“Pioneer – noun, a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area.”

In 2010, Jennifer saw the potential South Main had and was drawn to the industrial feel it possessed. So she packed up and planted the J.O. we know today, here in the middle of the South Main in an old carriage house. Back then, South Main Village was lined with abandoned 1920’s pharmacies and industrial shops but J.O. stood strong and thrived off of the potential for our neighborhood to become something great.

Even our building is a perfect example of what we love to do. We work with businesses who are otherwise uninspired or struggling and help them see their potential and the great things that they are capable of.

Within the past few years, passion has spread like wildfire in our community and we have seen many dreams transformed into local’s, and even tourist’s favorite spots. Driving to the office, we are constantly hit with “Coming Soon” signs in the windows of buildings that have not seen customers in years. This booming block is home to some of Fort Worth’s most well-renowned restaurants, breweries, and creative studios.

It has been a privilege to see a place that we found such beauty be recognized by so many others in the season of growth and development. It is a great community to build inspiration and keep us passionate about what we do. Our story is just one of the many great ones of South Main Village. We love our neighborhood and the movers and shakers who set the tone for our district.

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