Community Enrichment Center


For the last 30 years, the Community Enrichment Center (CEC) has served the Northeast Tarrant County low-income community. Through their work, they’ve been able to empower families, breaking the cycles of poverty and violence. Despite their worthy work, their brand desperately needed a refresh. This is where the creative minds at J.O. got together to help bring a fresh perspective to the CEC logo and brand. We decided to follow the following path:

1. Explore organizational naming and provide our best recommendation for renaming
2. Utilize client-provided brand elaborative to develop a new logo for the Community Enrichment Center
3. Develop a supporting brand guidelines document for internal and external use

With a plan in hand, J.O. set out to collaborate with CEC to bring a new perspective to the CEC brand.

2019 PRSA Award of Achievement for Internal Communications

Community Enrichment Center Marketing
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