Grand Opening PR &
Influencer Marketing


The Challenge

Flix Brewhouse, a luxury movie theater with a fully staffed and integratedbrewery inside, sought J.O.’s expertise for promoting their grand opening in Mansfield, Texas, near Fort Worth. The challenge was clear: Build awareness while emphasizing the goal of ticket sales and gaining market share.

The Strategy

Our multifaceted strategy encompassed comprehensive public and media relations, orchestrating VIP visits and news coverage. We also managed digital and outdoor media efforts.

The mayor of Mansfield, Texas, Michael Evans, and CEO of Flix Brewhouse, Chance Robertson, participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony at Flix Brewhouse's September 28 grand opening in Mansfield.
A strategically placed digital billboard a few miles from Mansfield's The Shops at Broad, which is home to Flix Brewhouse.
One of several dozen digital advertising placements which were served to tens of thousands of opt-in subscribers to various local publications. Hundreds of thousands more were reached by streaming audio ads and other targeted tactics.

The Results

Simultaneous to an array of targeted tactics mentioned earlier, we partnered with nearly a dozen local social media influencers to produce and promote content that was engaging of residents within a 20 mile radius of Mansfield.

The impact was substantial:

• 400,000 Reel Views
• 20,000 Post Engagements
• Thousands More Reached

This translated into spikes in ticket sales, spikes in new followers of Flix’ social profiles, and ultimately led to Flix acquiring healthy market share amid local competitors. This holistic and targeted approach demonstrated the power of strategic planning and influencer collaboration in maximizing reach and impact within a precious few months surrounding a grand opening.

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