Marketing Campaign


In a rapidly changing real estate landscape, Graham Hart Home Builder redefined their marketing playbook through a transformative campaign. Amid the housing market’s 2020 turmoil, Graham Hart teamed up with J.O. agency to rejuvenate their flagship project, Talon Hills, situated in Northwest Fort Worth.

Methodical Research and Planning

J.O. agency’s approach began with comprehensive research. Close collaboration with Graham Hart’s sales team and meticulous analysis of the website’s SEO and structure laid the groundwork for an adaptive strategy, primed for market volatility.

Strategic Execution

The campaign deployed two digital strategies – native ads and digital banners. Creatives strategically highlighted Talon Hills’ unique lifestyle, emphasizing lakeside proximity, amenity center, and home craftsmanship. Targeted ads tailored to online behaviors and geography maximized impact.

Impressive Results

The campaign delivered impressive metrics. Overall impressions reached 14.6 million, boasting a 0.18% click-through rate. Engagement was notable, generating 84 form fills and 1,469 button interactions. Users spent an average of 1 minute and 36 seconds on the website, fostering a remarkable 245% year-over-year surge in website sessions.

Economic Milestone

Beyond metrics, the campaign translated into tangible gains. The sale of five homes generated profits covering the campaign’s cost over 5,000 times. This economic feat, alongside amplified brand visibility, garnered client appreciation.

In an agile real estate realm, Graham Hart’s partnership with J.O. agency showcased adaptability and data-driven prowess. The Talon Hills campaign embodies innovation, not only yielding substantial metrics but also material financial rewards. Amid real estate’s challenges, their story underscores the significance of strategic alliances and nimble approaches.

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