Longhorn Auction

July 14, 2022

Longhorn Auction

Going Once…

In 2017, for the first time in several years, the longhorn auction returned to Fort Worth. Hosted at the Fort Worth Stockyards by Hudson Valentine Auctions and our client Stockyards Heritage, the event offered a little more of a kick than just its historic return.

The event headliner was the auction of Cowboy Tuff Chex, the Guinness World Record-holding bull for longest horn spread. Stockyards Heritage came to the J.O. team to help drive attendance to the auction.


Fort Worth Longhorn Auction cowboy arena promoting marketing

Going Twice…

A PR firm at our core, we decided earned media coverage was the best way to go. What’s more newsworthy than a record-holding bull for auction in Cowtown?

So, we rounded up the media. J.O. coordinated with Cowboy Tuff Chex’s owners to provide the media with opportunities to video the bull as he arrived at the Stockyards. Cowboy Tuff Chex was even assigned an individual pen next to the auction entrance and his mate and calf, allowing the media to capture photos of the entire family. The bull’s owners and the auction host were also on-hand for media interviews.


Not only were we able to secure all four of the local broadcast stations on-site and provide professional images to media unable to attend, but also of the 400 total bidders at the event, one walked away with Cowboy Tuff Chex for a whopping $165,000.

To boot, the auction received widespread, quality coverage from local to international. Broadcast coverage boosted awareness — with a Nielsen audience of 1.16 million and a publicity value of $97,230. Our story received 35 total mentions (including from Associated Press, DailyMail.com, NewsWeek, U.S. News and CBSN online), achieved 1.97 million estimated views and generated 4,610 social shares.

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