“May we have it?”
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May We Have It?

Relying on Goodwill

Before Marie Kondo had written her bestselling book or had her own Netflix series on tidying up, there was Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth’s “May We Have It?” campaign.

Beyond being a nonprofit leader providing consignment items, Goodwill also offers jobs and training opportunities to people with disabilities so they can achieve maximum independence. Truly a company invested in the good of the community.

But Goodwill found itself in a bind. Quite literally relying on the goodwill of others to donate items for resale, the nonprofit saw a lull in donations to its network of drop-off centers. Were people instead tossing items that hadn’t made the final cut while tidying or spring cleaning? As Goodwill’s partner of more than five years for branding and public relations, J.O. stepped in to find out.

Goodwill Yoga mat Namaste billboard advertisment
Goodwill necklace Sorry you broke up billboard advertisment

A Clean Sweep

Goodwill needed to reach out to local Fort Worthians and pull at their heartstrings — and funny bones — to encourage donations. And what better way to reach the city’s nearly 1 million residents than through quippy billboards?

In a series of cheeky billboards, we paired the “May We Have It?” headline with catchy copy focused on reasons why people should donate certain belongings. The billboards reminded the community to clean house, donate and start fresh.

As suspected, Goodwill saw an immediate increase in donations as a direct result of the billboards. Is it any wonder? One can certainly rely on the good nature (and good humor) of the people of Cowtown.

2015 Bronze Addy for Public Service

Goodwill treadmill in your garage billboard advertisment
Goodwill piranha dude you're not single anymore billboard advertisment
Goodwill striped shirt is not working for you billboard advertisment

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