Monika Merchant
Design Studio

July 22, 2022

Monika Merchant

branding for a true class act!


Monika Merchant of Monika Merchant Design Studio was starting her new business as a young, up-and-coming interior designer in Fort Worth, Texas, specializing in commercial interiors. She came to J.O. on a visit to see J.O.’s new office in the Near Southside in 2010. Hitting it off immediately, we built an immediate friendship and business relationship that would last for years. She designed the interior space for the J.O. office entryway, and we created her brand identity. It was a mutually beneficial project! The package included a logo, brand standards and stationery suite that spoke to the classic, but contemporary, style of Monika’s designs. Her style and personality, as well as her portfolio of work, spoke to the clean lines, traditional colors and simplicity of the letterhead suite. A true class act!

2013 Logo — Bronze Addy for Elements of Advertising

Monika Merchant Collateral

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