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New Stories: New Futures

Arts Council of Fort Worth

New Stories: New Futures at Pioneer Tower

The New Stories: New Futures event at Pioneer Tower and the grounds of Will Rogers Memorial Center was a free two–night outdoor art exhibition. The Arts Council of Fort Worth and AURORA partnered to present New Stories: New Futures in conjunction with Fort Worth Public Art’s major installation on Pioneer Tower. J.O. was challenged with developing the event branding, collateral, advertising, and consulted on the digital strategy. The primary feature of the event was a curation of ten local artists and two international artists’ works showcased on the tower and grounds of the Will Rogers Memorial Center. On an international level, the event sought to expose these artists and draw other patrons and artists to Fort Worth.

The Logo

Through the creative process of developing the logomark for the New Stories: New Futures event, one key element to include was a symbol for Pioneer Tower. The final logo solution uses an icon of Pioneer Tower from a birds–eye view. It shows off the tower’s unique geometric architecture and pays tribute to the important landmark of the event.

Event Logo
Projected Logo and Signs
Pedestal Signage
Pedestal Mockup
Pedestal Artist Signage
Event Flyer
Parking Map
Large Signs
General Event Signage

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