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July 23, 2022


Total Resilience Website

OptumServe is the federal health services business of both Optum and UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH). It brings together the vast resources and clinical insights of UnitedHealthcare’s unique health services, along with the innovation, technology, and scalability of Optum.

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In the wake of the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan, Optum partnered with the Veterans Administration to fast track a project called Total Resilience for Veterans, a program with the goal of providing on-demand mental health services to Veterans and their families. Optum gathered several resources to ensure everyone in the family had an outlet to build their resilience and discuss their mental struggles, including peer-to-peer counseling and other online resources available at the convenience of its users.

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In order to be efficient and connect with veterans, Optum need to get the TRFV website up quickly, so J.O. designed and launched a six page dynamic website within 3 weeks that was targeted for the veteran family who might experience mental struggles.

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