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River Legacy Living Science Center

Branding a Local Favorite

Wayfinding and Signage

River Legacy Foundation, located in Arlington, TX, operates a living science and nature center just inside the city park entrance to River Legacy Park. Because there was so much confusion on where the Living Science Center was located, J.O. created a way–finding system and brand identity to better distinguish itself separate from the park itself. Using the animal and insects flanking the large word “Discover” on the main building sign, helped visitors know they were inside the grounds of a nature focused center, and not the larger park . The animals and style of large san serif text is carried throughout to direct people where to park, where the trails begin, and where the entrance to the building is located.

Entrance banner to River Legacy - it says DISCOVER
Nature Center Parking One Way - sign
Three sigs - Nature Center entrance arch banner sign, Stroller and handicap entrance sign, Entrance only sign
Welcome - River Legacy Nature Center sign
Nature Center - Ladybug sign
Compost Class sign

Case Studies

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