Advertising Campaign


Advertising Campaign

Recognize & Rise – It Happens

A Campaign for All of Us - Making Mental Health Normal

Recognize & Rise is a public education campaign about the effect adversity, chronic stress and trauma can have on our mental wellness. The idea is that life challenges everyone, and that through connecting with others we can develop resilience to help us cope.

It Happens - Billboard Mockup
It Happens - Bench Sign Mockup
It Happens - Bus Card Mockup

The Solution

As the Agency of Record for this client, J.O. developed a series of activations at large events, Juneteenth celebrations, and LGBTQ+ gatherings during Pride Month, which consisted of attendees joining together in releasing balloons printed with “It Happens. But it doesn’t have to define us”, symbolically “letting go” of something they have been struggling with. Our theme is being reinforced through social media with the hashtag #itHappens.

Recognize and Rise Branded Balloons

Advertising efforts include bus interior cards and benches, out of home, paid social media, and video. While the effort is brand new, feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. overwhelmingly positive.

Award of Excellence – Special Event Public Relations Society of America, Greater Fort Worth

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