Main Street Arts
Fest Campaign

July 22, 2022

Main Street Arts Fest Campaign

See art the rail way – marketing campaign

Design + Strategic Marketing + Media Buy


In March of 2019, Trinity Metro wanted to promote the convenience and fun of getting to the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival via the transit system.


J.O. developed a campaign that featured backgrounds of lively colors, over which “See Art the Rail Way” or “See Art the Wheel Way” was written in train tracks or bus tire treads. The two-block corridor between the Fort Worth Central Station and the Arts Festival was transformed into the “9th Street Arts Experience,” with arts participation projects being offered amidst a sea of “See Art…” feather, fence and pole banners, and even a full-block winding railroad track sidewalk cling. Entry to the “Experience” was through two 15-foot trusses dressed in “See Art…” banners.

To build awareness and interest in the event and in getting there via Trinity Metro, J.O. recommended a three-week geo-targeted display and geo-fenced mobile campaign. The geo-targeted campaign focused on communities likely to use the new TEXRail service, while the geo-fenced ads were delivered to riders around select bus stops and rail stations.

Audiences were targeted by interest and behavior, including audience interests in art and theater, live events, and home decor enthusiasts. Ads also reached people actively researching or planning on attending a concert or music festival, performing arts tickets, art and design education or event tickets.


The .17 percent CTR was excellent, given the average CTR for display is .05 percent to 1.5 percent. Branding was strong, as the animated banners were served 700K times with eye-catching motion. Ridership goals for the festival were strong but fell short of the goal because the festival was canceled on Saturday due to weather.

2019 PRSA Award of Achievement for Integrated Communications

Trinity Metro Sidewalk Graphic Decal
Photo of Jones and 9th Marketing for Festival
Message at the end of Sidewalk Decal (Get Artsy with Trinity Metro)
Trinity Metro Main Street Arts Fest Green Poster Mockup
Trinity Metro Main Street Arts Fest Red Pole Banners Mockup
Trinity Metro Main Street Arts Fest Purple Directional Sign
Trinity Metro Main Street Arts Fest Orange Directional Sign
Animated wheel tracks, green
Animated train tracks, orange
Trinity Metro Main Street Arts Fest Landing Page Mockup

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