Messaging Campaign


In early 2021, the Mental Health Connection (MHC) of Tarrant County initiated an impactful campaign, Recognize & Rise. Designed to enlighten the public about the effects of adversity and emotional trauma on mental health, its mission was to eradicate the stigma around these issues and equip individuals with tools for emotional resilience.

As mass shootings escalated in frequency and severity, Recognize & Rise, in collaboration with United Way’s One Second Collaborative and One Safe Place, organized a groundbreaking event on March 1, 2023, titled “Interrupting Pathways to Mass Violence.” This event was an unprecedented endeavor for Tarrant County, aiming to dissect the complex factors leading to mass violence and proposing prevention strategies.

Key to this success was the meticulous strategy devised by J.O. agency. Rigorous research shaped the event’s strategic messaging, ensuring it resonated with diverse audiences. The agency’s efforts extended to media engagement, curating a comprehensive media list that would drive widespread coverage. The branding was a cornerstone of the campaign’s visibility, represented by the distinctive “Interrupting Pathways to Violence” logo.

Implementing a multi-pronged approach, J.O. agency leveraged public and community relations, email and social media marketing, and striking graphic design. A unique visual identity was designed to consistently present the event across various platforms, enhancing its recognition.

However, J.O.’s involvement didn’t stop there. Recognizing the power of partnerships, they facilitated cross-promotion with collaborating organizations. United Way’s One Second Collaborative and One Safe Place were armed with a media kit to ensure consistent messaging across all organizations.

The results spoke volumes. Gaining the attention of 200 community leaders while media coverage reached millions. These metrics validated the success of the comprehensive strategy employed and marked the beginning of continued collaboration and further initiatives in addressing vital societal challenges.

This case study underscores the significance of a well-orchestrated multi-faceted approach, proving that combining research, strategic messaging, branding, and cross-promotion can lead to impactful outcomes in fostering awareness and igniting change.


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