Tarrant Area Food Bank – Mission
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The Challenge

The J.O. Agency team was tasked with reinforcing the mission and values of Tarrant Area Food Bank through signage at its headquarters and distribution facilities. The buildings needed both directional prompts and high-quality, branded references to their services. They needed their spaces to be easy to navigate and reflect both their story and spirit.

The Solution

Specific areas in each of Tarrant Area Food Bank’s buildings were selected for signage. These spaces included entrances, a volunteer sign-in lobby, conference rooms and more public, volunteer areas. J.O.’s team then took TAFB’s core values, vision, mission and goals, and designed them into graphic signage using TAFB’s specific branding. The team then oversaw the printing and installation of this signage.

The Results

Accomplishing this project during a pandemic and amidst both supply chain shortages and changing construction timetables made it an especially challenging project with exceptionally gratifying outcomes. The final result is Tarrant Area Food Bank’s facilities having signage that welcomes people in, directs visitors and reflects the organization’s mission-minded spirit. There’s now no confusion about where you are when you step in their doors or the work TAFB accomplishes on a daily basis.

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