TCCF – Digital
Marketing Strategy

July 23, 2022

Tarrant County College Foundation

Digital Marketing Strategy

Tarrant County College Foundation partners with TCC by building support through secured contributions and breaking down systemic barriers for students so they may join the workforce and make greater economic contributions to their community.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, requests to the Tarrant County College Foundation’s Student Emergency Fund increased 400%. Our tasks:

  • Increase awareness of Tarrant County College Foundation, establishing its identity within the community
  • Communicate the impact of COVID-19 on TCC student needs and the resulting impact on requests to the Student Emergency Fund
  • Drive clicks to the TCCF website
  • Promote Student Emergency Fund donations

The Solution

J.O. developed video advertising to be delivered on LinkedIn, Facebook and in a programmatic buy and ran it for three weeks at low budget levels.

The Results

8,744 Donation site users

  • LinkedIn: 33
  • Programmatic: 7,950
  • Facebook: 761

529 Donation Page visits

  • LinkedIn: 12
  • Programmatic: 505
  • Facebook: 12

Award of Excellence – Marketing Sales Communications Public Relations Society of America, Greater Fort Worth

Case Studies

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