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The Dash Branding

Branding A New Service

Electric Bus. Cleaner Air.

In the fall of 2019, Trinity Metro introduced the Dash, an electric shuttle to restaurants, museums, and entertainment venues from Downtown to West 7th and the Cultural District. It was launched with a month-long promotion, Dash and Discover, a program that offered free rides and discounts at participating businesses along the route. J.O. developed the identity for the Dash, including its colors and logo, as well as all the print, digital and social messaging and media for the event. Dash ridership reached goal quickly and have exceeded goal since, even after Trinity Metro started charging fares.

The Dash Logo
The Dash Logo Animation
The Dash Bus Graphic Design
The Dash Bus Photo Side
The Dash Bus Photo Front Design
Dash and Discover Hashtag
The Dash Bus Stops Graphic Design
The Dash Bus Illustration
Dash Bus Animation 1
The Dash Digital Marketing Banner
Dash Bus Animation 2

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